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Re: [Gnumed-devel] SPAM on email lists, also (was Nuisance wiki hackers

From: Ian Haywood
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] SPAM on email lists, also (was Nuisance wiki hackers)
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 09:11:45 +1000
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J Busser wrote:

>> At 3:42 PM +0200 10/8/05, Sebastian Hilbert wrote:
>>>> Please deactivate gnumed-update for now. I am getting spam in
>>>> dimensions I
>>>> have not seen before. Does anyone know if the spammer has registered
>>>> with the
>>>> list or if they bypass regsitration and manage to spam through other
>>>> means.
>> Horst has addded me as admin to the other mailing lists so I can now
>> assist administering -update and -announce as well as -devel. (Thanks,
>> Horst!)
>> I have updated the mailing list information page at
>> which now informs that postings from an unsubscribed address will be
>> rejected.
>> In point of fact it is only unsubscribed emails sent to gnumed-devel
>> that will be rejected. These will give the poster notice of the
>> rejection and to email <address@hidden> with any concerns.

Excellent, thanks Jim.

>> For our other lists ( -announce and -update) emails from unsubscribed
>> addresses will simply be discarded.

That's fine.

>> Is it the CVS server that emails notice of updates & commits to 
>> gnumed-devel, or do these come from some other address?
>> If that address is not subscribed, I beleive I can "whitelist" it in
>> mailman so that legitimate update emails will still be accepted.

I once had a script running on which sent regular update reports to 
I will try to re-activate this, although its less important as we now have 
These mails come from "address@hidden"

gnumed-announce is a low-traffic list for major feature announcements.
It is reasonable that only the adminstrator post to this list.


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