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[Gnumed-devel] Project Management (Again)

From: Richard Terry
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Project Management (Again)
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2005 07:53:48 +1100
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Perhaps gnuMed has magically progressed and transformed itself in my 2 months 
absence, in which case , forgive this posting.

I note the topic of project management has been raised again, having been 
previously rejected by some of the group as unnecessary.

Of course no software project as large as this can possibly succeed without an 
overall vision and proper project management, and an overall design. I've 
watched many good concepts being poorly implemented and their functionality 
bastardised by lack of a coherent overall understanding of their design.

Offers have been made many times by people on the list who have such a vision, 
offers to assist in project management from people such as Tim, Ian and their 

At the risk of being flamed again, I think that the coders should code, and 
those of us with vision and design and functionality talents be allowed to 
have the say in those departments, with the coders doing the implementation.

Really sad to see gnuMed continuing its snail-like progress, especially sad 
for us in Australia who have put so much time and effort into trying to 
assist gnumed, where the current environment effectively means gnuMed will be 
bypassed completely as a viable long term software option.

PS Sebastian, don't get really pissed off at this posting, it is not aimed at 
you, Karsten, or anyone in particular on the list, just at the whole process, 
where the individuals involved are not prepared to acknowledge their talents 
and limitations and work as a team.


Richard (Terry)

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