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[Gnumed-devel] Re: GNUmed vaccination stuff

From: Syan Tan
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Re: GNUmed vaccination stuff
Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2006 19:01:38 +0800

ok, I see your point about ease of entry with the 2 list panel. if someone is going to give vaccinations according to a schedule,

then really should should not have to select anything, just describe localizing details like date , batch number, given elsewhere,

and click "given", and it is removed from the list of scheduled vaccinations and put on the list of given vaccinations.

the abnormal use cases might be  when someone has had vaccinations given elsewhere, but even then the approx date and location

given is still needed for good documentation ; another case might be parental objection to one or more vaccines, and this

could be handled by a parental objection checkbox, and a third list of vaccines objected 2, which can have it's own given details

and button in case the parent agrees again.

On Tue Jan 3 21:06 , Karsten Hilbert sent:


just wanted to point out something about how we handle
vacc_regimes with respect to patients: lnk_pat2vacc_reg setsthe
up the links. IOW in the UI a widget is needed to create
those associations.

I wonder whether we might be able to come up with a widget
that's useful beyond just your vaccination design - or even
beyond vaccination regime handling in general. Something
like a generic panel with two lists left and right, some
arrow buttons to move entries between the lists and a few
more configurably named buttons for OK/Revert/Save/...

What do you think ?

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