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Re: [Egadss-devel] Re: [Gnumed-devel] incompatibility between glif and g

From: Syan Tan
Subject: Re: [Egadss-devel] Re: [Gnumed-devel] incompatibility between glif and gnumed ?
Date: Sun, 08 Jan 2006 04:59:56 +0800

thanks for that. How about another question? Is Protege scalable ?  

Can you build an EMR using Protege types ?

Where is there open source scalable ontology software ?

On Sat Jan 7 10:22 , Glen McCallum sent:

Problems that EGADSS encountered with GLIF:

1) Licensing. When we looked at GLIF, there was no license. It was
communicated to us that they intended the GLIF specification to be
"open," hence they attached no license or copyright to the
specification. It's not quite that easy so our manager spoke to them
about public domain and open source documentation licenses. I'm not
sure if they took action based on that talk or if they left the
specification the way it was.

2) Completeness. GLIF is not a complete or implementable
specification. It's a conceptual specification, which looks really
nice with all the UML diagrams, etc, etc. But when you get down to
the nitty gritty, there's little a low-level implementor can take and
work with. You can only model guidelines on a conceptual level. In
order to implement a GLIF engine, you would first have to write
formal syntax and semantics for the language (no small task). Make
no mistake, this is a show stopper.

3) Standards. GLIF is not a standard. Using standards is a high
priority for egadss. In my opinion, the likelihood of GLIF becoming a
standard in the near future, in light of (2), is not very good.

Thanks for including us in this thread. I hope this is helpful.

Best Regards,
~Glen McCallum
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

On 7-Jan-06, at 8:41 AM, J Busser wrote:

> The following had been posted on the egadds list a little over a
> year ago (\). I am not sure if they anticipate
> interoperability with GLIF.
>> ... we could have licensing issues with GLIF. ...McGill University
>> is involved in GLIF and they are known not to favor open source
>> though I do not know about open content. The issue presented...
>> is not a GLIF or a GEL(LO) problem. It is a Protege issue data
>> storage and export issue. Can this be addressed by a modification
>> to the plug-in?
> At 7:07 AM +0800 1/7/06, Syan Tan wrote:
>> Is there an incompatibility between glif and gnumed ? I downloaded
>> a specification for glif (guideline interchange format) , and I
>> was wondering if gnumed could have an implementaion , e.g. with a
>> glif editor, and possibly a glif viewer. Later could be
>> incorporated as a glif popup , if coding systems firms up.
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