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Re: [Gnumed-devel] gmClinical.sql and general comments

From: Syan Tan
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] gmClinical.sql and general comments
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 06:05:00 +0800

maybe it's pgAdmin , is it ready for triggers , functions, ? Is its version compatibility the same as postgresql ?

On Thu Jan 12 8:44 , Richard Terry sent:

Apologies first if this is a bit garbled, but I've been jotting notes as I go.

I'm getting really stuck on this one Karsten, it seems to me this file is a
maintenance nightmare.

It is a huge file, and covers many many areas of clinical things all stuffed
in together.

Is there any reason that it can't be split up into logical units eg
gmVaccinations.sql, gmAllergies.sql etc?.

Despite a couple of hours of effort I've not been able to get it to compile in
pgAdmin using the sql window, even with snipping out bits and pieces

Some of the areas causing me problems seem to be around statements containing
lines like:

alter table clin.vacc_def (from gmClinicalViews.sql)
add constraint numbered_shot_xor_booster
check (
((is_booster is true) and (seq_no is null)) or
((is_booster is false) and (seq_no > 0))

this won't compile, stops and asks to input a parameter

Also it crashes and burns with syntax errors in some statements eg:

-- crashes and burns (syntax error at char 19) --- start *****
create or replace trigger tr_ins_booster_must_have_base_immunity
before insert on clin.vacc_def
for each row execute procedure clin.f_ins_booster_must_have_base_immunity();
-- crashes and burns (syntax error at char 19) --- end *****

I will try and dissect this file into smaller subunits myself and let you
know the result in a more specific manner, but if you could give thought to
putting it into smaller files that would be appreciated.

REmember at the end of the day if you want gnuMEd to succeed, it will not be
you alone working on it (or you/ian/carlos), and whoever has to work on it
will need it to be presented in a more logical manner.

Another couple of questions - in the code you often have on error start/stop
statements when creating a function or table. Is there any reason you do this
rather than using

Create or replace function/table?

Lastly sql file naming conventions - It. would be nice to have same
capitalisation, hyphenation schemata for the files.



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