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Re: [Gnumed-devel] back from China

From: Syan Tan
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] back from China
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 06:51:38 +0800

it's in here , search for  the word,  cmd_alt .

If Carlos is back, maybe he can revise the sql . Would the performance improve

if the sql access was something like

get all the  demographics linked to an id.
get all the health issues linked to an id

get all the encounters linked to an id.

get all the episodes whose health issues are linked to an id

get all the individual types of clin root items whose episodes whose health issues are

linked to an id.

It might improve, but if the record was very large ( say occupied more than

512 MB , or more than system memory,  which seems unlikely ) ,

it might slow down tree building due to page swapping. 

   Also , even though the tree browser caches all the data in client virtual memory after sql selecting,

it still takes maybe upto 3 to 4 seconds to repaint/rebuild the entire tree for a large emr record,

so that suggests that applying reconstruction may have to be more thrifty  , because python

, and maybe no language, is fast enough to rebuild the tree in a timely ( < 0.5 seconds)  every time the notebook page is flipped away and back again. 

  Maybe I should try to con a pathology friend to contribute, he used to program the

commodore 64 when he was a teenager   , and make platform games , a lot better than

my crummy missile command when I was 26  ; )


On Mon Apr 17 17:14 , Karsten Hilbert sent:

with replenished energy.

Syan, can you please resend the large UNION query to me
which sped up the EMR journal query so much ? I will set up
a view for you to use.

Richard, if you want we can pick up working again where
we left off.

Carlos, welcome back.

Greetings to everyone else. Please get in touch if you want
to work on something in particular.

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