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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Greetings and wishing come back to GNUMed work

From: Syan Tan
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Greetings and wishing come back to GNUMed work
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 07:53:45 +0800

in my old age, I'm also flitting around with package fitting and configuration file tweaking ;)

the debian testing packages for pyPgSQL and postgresql 8.1 seem to work together over

here, if that is of any help .  Why Fedora Core instead of debian ? debian has an

alien package that seems able to convert Ingres rpm packages to deb packages, ( but

I haven't made sure it actually runs completely yet)

maybe fedora has  an anti-alien package ?

Gnumed is apparently using pypgsql package because of it's callback facility ;

e.g. the sql LISTEN/ NOTIFY commands , are available through pypgsql .

Is that the reason your application needs to use pypgsql , or what is the reason ?

On Tue Apr 18 9:05 , Tim Churches sent:

Carlos Moro wrote:
> I trying now GNUMed with PostgreSQL 8.0.4 with pypgsql 2.4 under
> gentoo and seems working ok. At least Kirk loads right ...

Sebastian Hilbert wrote:
> I am on SUSE 10.1/10.0 , PostgreSQL 8.0.3
> pypgsql works fine. I used an rpm I created some time ago.
> Works with GNUmed and postgreSQL 8 on Windows as well.
> Still think it sucks that pypgsql is not included in SUSE.
> Showstopper for some people. I shouldn't be too hard to switch
> to another dbdriver in the future.

OK, thanks Carlos and Sebastian - it seems that pyPgSQL can be made to
work with PG v8.0.x - I'll try again. I nearly went made trying to get
it to compile with PG v8.1.x

pyPgSQL is not supported for Fedora Core, either. In fcat, Fedora Core 5
now installs with a base module called "python-postgresql", but I
haven't investigated which Python-PG driver module this actually is. It
is not pyPgSQL, however. Unfortunately some of our NetEpi code has
dependencies on pyPgSQL - in places where the standard Python DB-API-2
was not quite enough. We'll have a serious look at validating and
packaging pyPgSQL (with our patches) on Debian and Fedora as an easier
course than swapping to some other module.

Tim C

> Tim Churches wrote:
> Carlos (and Sebastian and others),
> Were ypu able to get pyGgSQL to compile OK with PostgreSQL v8.0? I tried
> it yesterday with PG v8.1 on Fedora Core 5 and it complained about all
> sorts of things. Gerhard Haering, the former maintainer of pyPgSQL,
> seems to have dropped the project (we submitted bug fixes nearly a year
> ago, still not incorporated in CVS or the traball, despite reminders),
> so are are resigned to getting pyPgSQL working and validated for Pg 8.x
> ourselves. But perhaps GNUmed has already done that?
> Tim C

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