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Re: [Gnumed-devel] GNUmed forms printing

From: Sebastian Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] GNUmed forms printing
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 00:50:07 +0200
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On Tuesday 20 June 2006 00:33, you wrote:
> Sebastian,
> I'm not going to answer this from the technical point of view - others are
> far better at that than I, Horst and Ian for example I think have already
> outline this.
> All I will say in my continued frustration is that form a front end/backend
> point of view is:
> forms=script=pathology=pasthistory=familyhistory=immunization=letter=measur
>ement=referral=allergy bla bla bla.
> It is all one and the same thing. The information is the same. They can be
> written the same,  edited the same, stored in the back end the same way.
Sorry I don't understand that concept

> You are trying to run before you can crawl. No point wasting time and
> energy on forms when you can't even collect clinical information with
> accuracy.
No clinical information is needed to print an address but maybe I miss your 
> As to the outputted format - the beaurocrats will cripple you. In Australia
> most software companies have caved into the concept that they need
> different pre-printed forms for each discipline - eg pathology/radiology
> etc. and doctors are forever shoving different bits of paper into a
> printer.
They will kick your behind over here if don't use public forms. No form no 
drugs. No form no whatever. Deal with it. No way around it.
> Many years ago I simply decided that as all forms for all people were the
> same I'd print them all the same - ie they are all to some company or
> other, at some address/s, have patient info, clinical history, medications,
> copy to someone, contain instructions for the test, and a series of
> n(number) checkboxes to indicate specific needs (eg. Xray would have return
> Xray with patient, fax report bla bla).
Good for you if you just need one form. Impossible over here.
> I'll try and find a pdf printer for windows and send one of my forms to
> that so you can see my simple result. Works brilliantly, and dosn't matter
> if Im doing a form for a cardiac investigation, or to a physiotherapist -
> all the same.
I will take a look
> Don't think any of this will help you.
> However, again, crawl before you walk - rethink the entire paradigm (You
> can have mine - I'll even help you).
I will give it some thought but unless it apllies to the German system it will 
be of little help
> Regards
> Richard
> On Monday 19 June 2006 19:43, Sebastian Hilbert wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > Richard reminded me that there are talented people on this list with
> > little chance to contribute.
> >
> > Today I need your help on finding the best way to handle forms in GNUmed.
> > Here is what I had in mind.
> >
> > requirements:
> > - cross platform, write once -deploy on many platforms
> > - straight forward way of coming up and editing forms
> > - seperate forms from content
> > - ideally save a copy of a printed form
> >
> > problems:
> > - I know no python standard for printing , cross platform that is
> >
> > possible solutions:
> > - use LATEX for forms, create ps-files, feed them to the printer
> > --> LATEX forms are hard to build and maintain ?
> > - use reportlab, a python library, abstracted rml (xml) forms if you
> > like, creates pdf
> > - use the wxpython printing framework for drwaing text and graphics
> >
> > open issues:
> > - how does one print the pdfs created by reportlab by using the wxpython
> > framework? Is it possible to create an image from reportlab and feed it
> > to the wxpython framework as a canvas ?
> >
> > Any help is appreciated including UML diagrams and moch up guis , sample
> > code

Sebastian Hilbert 
Leipzig / Germany
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