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Re: [Gnumed-devel] oscar fiddling

From: Syan Tan
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] oscar fiddling
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2006 22:47:37 +0800

I shouldn't really bag oscar on technical grounds - really it is quite succint from a programming

view, although looks less organized than gnumed structure. It is also really shows some

clinical focus - for instance I tried out the drug prescription module without loading the

drugref tables, and it re-directed to the oscar resources , which looks like a comprehensive

pharmacotherapeutic database of monologues written by the clinician stakeholders of

oscar,  so it does achieve a nice balance of clinician stakeholder input, open source accessibility

and modifiability, simplicity for outsiders to understand it, and technical practical professional

programmer setup, that on the surface may look adhoc, but probably adhoc with some

experience behind it. Things that could be improved about oscar -

well like anything, it has a workflow developed for its local area of use, and I gather the

canadian medical system is still attempting to be egalitarian and a fair distribution of

medical resource based on urgency and need, (much to the chagrin of an expat patient

I met who had a minor surgical problem , and was having trouble paying his way to get

it fixed straighaway in the canadian system) , and the consultation workflow is geared

to  the idealized  thorough coverage of aspects of consultation  ( e.g. always check

the current allergies, the relevant past history, the current medications, at each and

every consultation), and the idea that the patient is managed by a team and not solely

by one medical practitioner, and that the consultation which is regarded as a management

of a problem does not end with a single "consultation" but extends to specialist referral, investigation,

opinion, patient followup , etc... which completes the consultation.  Whereas is OZ,  it is focused

on minimizing the time the clinician has to spend getting up to speed with the patient, thus various

tab views showing medication, past history, previous consultations, investigations , referrals, and

images of scanned specialist letters, vaccinations,   so a consultation is an optional information gathering

session, where it is up to the user whether he checks the allergies and the current medications are upto date,

and manual activation of followup / recalls /reminders are needed if the consultation is to be one that

spans a few consultations , plus investigation /referral / feedback , patient communication,  all of which

as before, is up to the clinician to provide medicolegal evidence that he is doing all the things that

oscar is trying to in build into the workflow of its application.

SO well done , oscar, I'm jealous ; wish I got the ball rolling like that.

On Fri Jun 30 7:26 , James Busser sent:

On Jun 30, 2006, at 1:45 AM, Syan Tan wrote:
> I couldn't find the password.

The default, as displayed by the hash in the partial table dump
below, is the same (mac2002) for each of oscarrep (reception),
oscardoc (doctor with administration privileges) and oscaradmin.
However attempts to login oscarrep or oscaradmin will generate an
error because the cvs tables ship without their having had a defined
role --- once this is known, it can be easily reset within the oscar
app by logging in as oscardoc and using the Admin menu which appears
at far right.

mysql> select * from security;
| user_name | password |
provider_no | pin |
| oscarrep | -51-282443-97-5-9410489-60-1021-45-127-12435464-32 |
999999 | 1117 |
| oscardoc | -51-282443-97-5-9410489-60-1021-45-127-12435464-32 |
999998 | 1117 |
| oscaradmin | -51-282443-97-5-9410489-60-1021-45-127-12435464-32 |
999997 | 1117 |

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