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[Gnumed-devel] re: rschedule

From: Syan Tan
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] re: rschedule
Date: Sat, 01 Jul 2006 09:39:21 +0800

the pros for linking oscar appointments , is that the gui is already done, and everything has been debugged.

the cons are that it adds a massive amount of supporting java libraries to run it ; this may not be a problem

with a debian installation, especially if it is possible to run tomcat from something like an alternate java runtime;

but the , say optional, appointments functionality with oscar would require installing a java runtime, tomcat,

mysql , apache libraries, all which are testing debian packages anyway.

To do it, it requires associating oscar demographics with gnumed demographics.

The use of the appointment system seems to run something like:

add appointment -> enter name, enter reason,  optionally include use case of searching demographics,

and specifically linking demographic identity to appointment.

So an intercept point might be the button search demographics, this could bring up a gnumed

demographic search jsp pages (needs to be written), and then the post-processing for this search, is to use a gnumed

demographic id and store it with appointments. Perhaps add another field to the appointments table

specifying from which application the demographic id is associated with.

 The second intercept is the E (ncounter) hyperlink that follows  an appointment created from a searched and positively

identified identity.  Here, the appointments table entry's extra application field could be looked up, and if it

is "gnumed" , then the action taken in java could be a number of things for interprocess communication to a gnumed

application , say running on the same machine, ( e.g. a appointment searching listening socket, or a local identity

list file in say the .gnumed directory regularly polled by the gnumed app , or a write to a postgresql identities_to_open table and a notify

or it is polled by gnumed). 

Currently, gnumed has no idle state, it always has a patient open or it is not running at all.

You could have a polling when idle timer running in the gnumed wx event queue, that checks to see if

an identity has been registered in a identities_to_open table , for the current user, say every 2 seconds.

Alternatively, issue a notify command, but I'm not sure if the java sql component for postgresql lets you do it

but it probably does.  

Someone needs to decide if it is desirable to try to link the appointments in oscar to gnumed, and

then what is the desired mechanism to notify the gnumed applicaiton, and the desired way of

opening ( e.g. auto filling the search textfield at the top of the gnumed application, so that when the

user is ready, just hits enter , and the search module in gnumed brings up the patient

specified in the appointment. Maybe slightly modify the gnumed search widget so that if it is a number, followed

by the name, it sees if the this is a unique patient id, and if it is , just opens the patient

without bringing up the search list). 


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