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[Gnumed-devel] Gnumed license for the insurance??

From: Philipp Walderdorff
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Gnumed license for the insurance??
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 13:21:10 +0200
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As I am a GP in Austria I am asking, if Gnumed is planned to get the license 
to be used for doctors who has a contract with the general local insurance 
(AOK in Germany or Gebietskrankenkasse in Austria).

In Austria the general insurance "Hauptverband", which manages all ensurances 
of austria, will examine every program, which is used by docters (GPs and 
Specialists). Not only the structure of billing datas (Abrechnungsdaten), but 
even the workingflow will be checkt, as well as the outlook of every 
formular. As well the working-flow regarding the eCard-System (at present 
only management of patient-data, but in future electronic prescription ...).

So I  am asking, if Gnumed is planed to be prepared for the licensing in 
Germany and Austria?

At present I am using my own Program, which has been examined and licensed by 
the "Hauptverband". At present the austrian programers are protesting against 
this licensing, but certainly they will loose! When a newly license-process 
is needed, which is very time-consuming, I am thinking it would be better 
putting my time in Gnumed rather then in my own lonely program. The problem 
is, that I did not get time till now to learn python. The question is, how 
much work is left for that lisence. 

I suppose, the Hauptverband of Austria will postulate similar details, as in 
Germany. If this is true and if Gnumed is planned to be licensed for german's 
AOK it could be worth to do this for austria as well.

Then my work would have to be adaptation of the formulars and possibly the 
structure of billing-data (Datensatz der Abrechnungsdaten) for austria.

Otherwise It could be possible that I will have to buy a commercial programm, 
with all disadvantages of dependency - horrible. 


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