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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Feedback on Menus in GNUmed-client. for Ma

From: Sebastian Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Feedback on Menus in GNUmed-client. for Mac OS
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2007 00:16:56 +0100
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On Montag 31 Dezember 2007, Karsten Hilbert wrote:
> > otherwise displays "available documents (most recent on top)" which, for
> > Kirk, are a photo listed as (1 page(s), no reference ID found) and two
> > "referral report other". Now, when I try to open the "small picture of
> > Kirk" I am told that my system does not seem to have a working viewer
> > registered for the file type [image/gif] and when I try to open "Perfume
> > pagoda river boating"  I am given the same complaint regarding
> > [text/plain; charset=us-ascii].
> What this means is that GNUmed cannot get the system to tell
> it how to display files of said types. I'd be interested in
> a debug enabled log file of an attempt to display any such
> document.

The public database does not really contain image file information. this might 
be misleading. We should really put small graphics files in there.

Sebastian Hilbert 
Leipzig / Germany
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