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[Gnumed-devel] Progress note SOAP widget

From: James Busser
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Progress note SOAP widget
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 09:56:11 -0800

A patient who is new (and sometimes if already existing) can present with more than one (new) issue to be managed. Presently, when entering into the Progress note widget, a "new episode" appears by default which seems to give no added function to the button "New".

If an already-existing (i.e. previously saved) issue or episode is double-clicked, it becomes added to the threads in the SOAP editor and becomes the default, this seems to me desirable.

If the user then clicks "New" however, no additional new as-yet unnamed episode is created, instead the user is taken into the default as-yet unsaved and unnamed episode. Among the SOAP threads, the default, as-yet unnamed episode is the only one that can be brought into focus in this manner... the others can be brought into focus by clicking on

- what should we call this at upper right... their "SOAP thread header button"? (screenshot attached)
- (or) on the health issue, or episode, among the left Active Problems

Questions about SOAP widget:
- can it be easily managed to support multiple (at least 3?) new, as- yet unnamed and unsaved episodes whose (until saved) header buttons I would suggest be "new episode 1", "new episode 2", "new episode 3" - can the action of clicking the "New" button be changed to create a new, as-yet unnamed and unsaved episode thread and button - to make accessibility and behaviour of these new items the same as previously-created and saved, should they be saved immediately and be shown in the left Active Problems list as
        episode "new episode 1" etc
- if an undesired item was inadvertently double-clicked at left, is there any way to remove it from the SOAP widget at right or must one just ignore it, and if ignored does it make an entry in the chart?

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