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[Gnumed-devel] Windows XP: from Start > GNUmed

From: James Busser
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Windows XP: from Start > GNUmed
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 12:47:08 -0800

By the way I am running a current Windows XP in a virtual machine (under Parallels) on my Mac but hopefully being a VM will not be the basis for any of my reports.

Am running GNUmed client from Windows Start menu, after having extra- quoted the file specification as required in the menu item's "Properties". Connection is to Salaam (and therefore slow responses).

While I am not fond of Windows, I can at least now see the dropdown menus :-)

Let me know if either of the previous 2 bug reports needed to be re- generated "verbose".

What happened when I tried to connect to a local database (Windows) --- knowing full well that I had no such db inside the VM --- was that I hit an unhandled exception. The problem manifest after sending the report with log... I tried to "Close GNUmed" only to encounter another exception handler window and I could not exit it. I had to use Ctrl-Alt-Del > End Task.

Similar troubles when I selected to connect to local database (Linux) though I know it was not a suitable choice, except the exception handler would not even send and got frozen up. Similar when I tried to connect to Salaam when inside the hospital which I am sure blocks port 5432. But it should maybe still be possible to send reports, depending on the port used by the exception handler, and also may be good for the handler to be able to recover and the client to communicate a connection problem.

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