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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Re: GNUmed (debian) servers and security

From: Karsten Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Re: GNUmed (debian) servers and security
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 16:00:24 +0100
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On Sun, Jan 27, 2008 at 05:06:05PM -0800, James Busser wrote:

>> If client and server both support it the connection is run
>> by GNUmed with SSL.
> What is required for the "client to support it"? Is there software or  
> services that must be enabled and running on the client computer OS,  
> and/or anything that needs to be set up anywhere in configuration?

psycopg2/libpq must have been linked against openssl and the
latter must be installed at runtime, too.

Same goes for PostgreSQL. Additionally, on the server,
pg_hba.conf must be configured to at least allow ssl
connections: The relevant authentication rules must begin
with "hostssl".

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