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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Australian development of Open Source Practice Manage

From: richard terry
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Australian development of Open Source Practice Management Software
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2008 14:17:44 +1100
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Having been involved with gnumed for a number of years, and probably one of 
the few people still keeping up with it in Australia,  and I think sadly it 
is unlikely that gnuMed will ever reach a stage of being usable in Australia 
for many reasons which I won't elaborate about here. Nothing short of a 
complete working solution which offered massively significant advantages over 
the current crop of offerings, would stand a chance of acceptance, even if 
one could get on top of the legal/iso standards issues.

Before reading this understand I have no animosity towards the project, 
correspond on and off with Karsten and some other list members,  and wish the 
project well, and still help where I can with ideas/comments etc, and 
hopefully will be doing some hl7 work with them in the near future.. 

Anything written for Australia has to have proper prescribing/drug reference, 
all the necessary forms/care planning/hl7 etc, for what has become a complex 
environment in GP Land.

The only decent gui/workflow that I've ever seen is Profile, but then it has 
so many other problems that very few people use it, company support is 
unfortunatley poor as they concentrate on Canada, though the individuals 
within the company I've encountered have been very friendly and helpful 

I think there have been some attempts to produce something australia, either 
desktop/web based, with little success that I know of, time often being the 
problem along with lack of basic team structure. Ian Hayood on the gpcg list 
could enlighten you on that.

Of course, if you program in basic, and want to help me write a desktop 
project for Linux, then perhaps give me a ring.....  I'm curently trying to 
resurrect my basic skills (not having programmed in it for > 10 years), to 
write some little apps for work here, in the linux env of course. 

Ring me if interested in a chat, I'm in Newcastle wk is 02 49436511 and you 
could ring me at home one evening.



On Thu, 6 Mar 2008 01:07:35 pm Armin Marth wrote:
> Hi, my name's Armin Marth and I work for an Australian medical
> practice software vendor, providing tech support to medical practices
> on the national help-desk and on-site. Recently I have been been made
> aware of some limitations of proprietary software, and I would like to
> help in anyway I can in the development of open-source in the medical
> industry in Australia.
> I have formal knowledge in IT support on Windows, training in Linux
> and Basic Programming and inside-out knowledge on how users (practice
> managers / receptionists /  secretaries/ doctors) use practice
> management systems along with the standards and the process of dealing
> with Medicare Australia, Department of Veteran Affairs and Health
> Funds.
> I hope that my day to day use and contacts can help with development
> for GnuMed to be used in Australia, and I believe that now, whilst
> rolling out Easyclaim (Medicare EFTPOS), is the best window of
> opportunity for this platform to grow.
> Refer to the discussion from the Sydney Linux User Group (SLUG) which
> I've uploaded on
> I speak on behalf of myself as an individual and not as an employee of
> any practice management software companies for my own interests and
> the interests of the community.
> Thanks
> From Armin Marth
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