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[Gnumed-devel] Adding new address widget and new patient creation widget

From: James Busser
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Adding new address widget and new patient creation widgets
Date: Tue, 13 May 2008 13:40:47 -0700

There are two main ways by which to enter an address (if we ignore importing)...

- via Patient > Edit demographics (Patient details plugin) > Contacts pane > Add button (in upper screen half)

- via new patient creation

For patient Sulu, I created a possible address inside the Edit demographics widget (except that 3368 does not not actually exist on that street). However all of the other information in the address is plausible. Some questions:

1. in the widget appears the field label "Directions" which in English is confused with magnetic compass directions (North, South, East, West). Can a less misleading word be chosen, maybe "Other info" or "More info" or "Optional"? The window may need widening or the fields may need narrowing but I was thinking we may need that anyway since "Postal code" is more universal than the american "Zip code" and with more room we could change "State" to "State / Province" and "Town" to "City / Town".

2. after I enter the city Vancouver and press Tab, I cannot see where the focus has gone. If I input characters from the keyboard, I see nothing. If I press Tab a *second* time, I then see focus inside "Suburb:". Where did the focus go?

3. on a different effort, after I entered the town "Vancouver" and pressed cursor-down, the phrasewheel offered me "VANCOUVER PENINSULA" which is incorrect, and although I edited and deleted from within the field the string "PENINSULA" when I then pressed the Tab key in order to advance to Suburb, the value "VANCOUVER PENINSULA" was restored as part of my leaving the "Town" field. Is that the obligate behaviour of the phrasewheels? The only way I could keep the desired value of Vancouver was to delete the undesired fragment and then mouse click to set focus inside Suburb.

4. after creating the zip code (well, postal code) "v6s 1r9" in one address, I tried creating a second address and would have thought that after typing "v6" and re-using from the phrasewheel (though I cannot see it :-)) the value "v6s 1r9" this does not helpfully pre- populate any of the street, direction (West), state or country. In Canada the zip (postal) code specifies, within any one street, and within any one block, and within any side of the street (even or odd) a range of building addresses. What part of this, which is maybe inconsistent across countries, is usefully pre-programmable or configurable?

5. my country Canada though I think it even existed among phrasewheel values, is shown as Kanata. Where in GNUmed are the configurations for such behaviours defined such that when setting up a local database, the person installing would wish to do a clean-up of this and other tables? It occurs to me that I with pointers I can start to assemble a list of "testing to production clean-up procedures".

6. Can the required fields' labels be coloured red?

7. what are the thoughts about state or province abbreviations, here in BC (British Columbia, Canada) we would only ever enter "BC" and not the full name, our mail also uses only "BC".

8. in the new patient creation widget, it is only the Last name, First name(s), Date of birth and Gender that are required. However if a user wishes to enter any address information, they must enter all information. Any idea how to communicate the linkage in this information? It annoyed me to find that --- because I did not happen to have, or to know, a zip code --- all of the other address information that I had entered will get discarded. Also the widget seems programmed to only alert the user to certain combinations of information, because when I left "zip" empty and then deleted my values for street and number and town and state, it looked like what I left in for country was going to be accepted, but it wasn't.

9. Also in the new patient creation widget, can the window be enlarged to permit the additional field of "Caveat" (or if you do not want to enlarge the widget, put Caveat in place of Occupation). This way a helpful information fragment can be captured and will show up prominently when the new patient is next made active, and it could then be moved by the office/praxis staff into a better place if it could not, at the time of patient creation.

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