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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Re: Understanding code maintenance

From: Karsten Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Re: Understanding code maintenance
Date: Thu, 15 May 2008 18:06:13 +0200

> Is "main trunk" same as HEAD?
Yes. Well, not quite, main trunk would be the entire line of code checkins
which did not take place on a branch while CVS HEAD is the tip of the

> When one does checkins, one specifies a directory where the checkin  
> is to go
No. The changed file which is to be checked in already resides in a particular 

CVS works with what is called a local working copy of the master CVS tree.
The master tree sits on the CVS server. Developers check out a copy. They
can check out a copy of the main trunk or of any branch or tag. They
make changes in the local copy. Then they check in their changes IOW
commit them to the master. It depends on what their copy was made of
whether changes are committed to a branch or the main trunk. The directory
the change goes in is pre-determined by where the file resides in the
CVS server.

, i.e. into any one particular branch, or into HEAD, or into  
> a personal area?
In CVS there is no personal area. Other than that it depends on what
the local copy was checked out from, a branch tip or the main trunk tip - IOW 

> When one supplies a patch for a bug fix, one still has to checkin,  
> and then commit,
checkin and commit are the same thing

> but it would be customary to commit right away if  
> there is confidence in the patch, so that the availability of the fix  
> is not delayed?
Sure. But a *release* is only tagged if either the single change is
security critical or prevents startup or corrupts data or else if a
nice number of minor improvements/lesser problem have been committed.

> When one checks new code into HEAD, does it get committed at  
> intervals,
The check in is the commit. Once checked in it is there.

> When something is checked-in (say, to HEAD), but not yet committed,  
> then when (for example) I would do anonymous checkout from cvs ---  
> and when I would then run ./ --- would I by default  
> only be running the committed-code, or would this shell run any  
> checked-in code as well, if there is any value in my testing what had  
> been checked in?

If you want to make sure to run the latest code from CVS HEAD - such as
when some patch has been checked in and you want to test it - you need to
update your local copy. This can be done by running from
within the copy you already have. After that run

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