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[Gnumed-devel] Re: abstracting templates for letters

From: Gour
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Re: abstracting templates for letters
Date: Sun, 03 Aug 2008 08:36:33 +0200
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>>>>> "Karsten" == Karsten Hilbert <address@hidden> writes:

Karsten> This should really be: "currently: OpenOffice" as we currently
Karsten> don't support any other engine.

OK. Clear. 

Karsten> This is already abstracted. That's the whole reason for the
Karsten> .engine field in the first place.

Ohh, that's nice.

Karsten> It's a bunch of code that needs writing.


Karsten> There is no hard-wiring in GNUmed letter writing (well, the OOo
Karsten> engine is hardwired to access OOo but that's a tautology).


Karsten> It is certainly possible and it won't need too much refactoring
Karsten> (likely some, as always). It just needs engine code to get
Karsten> written.

This sounds familiar in open-source world ;)

Karsten> That would help a lot in getting things done faster.

OK. I'll try to (slowly - according to my time-constraints) to get into
Python to help a bit (maybe with shell scripts first, if you agree).

>> although the choice of using Simple Invoices and CMS Made Simple
>> would require some PHP as well :-)
Karsten> Correct.

Heh, maybe if can 'avoid' PHP by using only Smarty for CMS and leave
Simple Invoices as it is. (learning two new langs would be too much



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