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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Tree view formatting

From: Rogerio Luz
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Tree view formatting
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2008 14:34:17 -0300

This is really great already, can´t wait to start working on the 0,3 now but do you see that after the date and the who:
17.09. 17:16 <gm-dbo> : accid ....etc.
is not as effective as
--Anamnese ---------
17.09. 17:16<gm-dbo>:
accid ..... etc
For clarification purposes, and then there is no need to have a HTML enabled editing.
I disaprove of enabling HTML because there wil be a lot of medling with it in the actuall practice, bold, underlines and the likes are not NECESSARY for the medical record, and can get out of hand, but that is just me I suppose.
I personaly think that a good use of symbols can make all the formating needed as good and better viewed as HTML.
The question remains though ... why start the record imediately after the system output? The <new line> after this output of date and "who" is necessary.  

2008/8/17, Karsten Hilbert <address@hidden>:
On Sun, Aug 17, 2008 at 01:25:48PM -0300, Rogerio Luz wrote:

> Why is the visualization on tree view so un-friendly.
Because it is a simple text-only display.

> When I look at my patient records there is dificulty seeing what and where
> the history begins, what and where sould I look for the Assesment fields,
> etc.

This certainly isn't the case with the 0.3 series as the
attached screenshot shows.

> I think that some bold headers
The text control does not allow for bold.

> and some spaces after each field header would
> improve visibility to an enourmous extent. Maybe even some line making a
> distinction between the S and O field (and etc...). Now the fields
> start imediatley after the system header, so it reads something like this
> 2008-10-08 RogLuz:SMOKING - tring to quit
> - aoushfuioahsdfuhlhuiahfah
> - oaisdhfouiahfoiahfoihaofhads
> when I could see that the best way of displaying this informations should
> be:
> 2008-10-08 RogLuz:
> SMOKING - trying to quit
> - çaojshfoahsfjkahsdfkjha
> -çaosidfçokahfçlkahfçlkahf

Everyone will have a different idea of what it "should" be.
When the time comes and the display to the right of the tree
is rewritten it will be based on a widget that allows for
better formatting, probably HTML. At which point it will
support template based formatting whereupon everyone can
entertain their own "should" :-)

> This is not a request to make formating AVAILABLE to the physician who is
> editing the record in the first place , but a form of making the PROGRAM
> display this formatting in some way
I understand and I do acknowledge that a) your request in
principle and b) exactly *what* you request is reasonable,

> (is this even remotely possible?)
Sure :-)

One thing to remember, however, is that we need to focus
more (not exclusively) on getting functionality done first.

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