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[Gnumed-devel] Example usage of GNUmed - to be inserted in the wiki.

From: Rogerio Luz
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Example usage of GNUmed - to be inserted in the wiki.
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2008 18:34:31 -0300

Ok, I am thinking in putting in the Wiki a page that examplifies how to work on GNUmed.
So far I have the following:

Mr. R comes to the clinician for a first consultation, _system_ generates an Encounter.

Clinician askes the reasson for the visit, Mr R says he has Hypertension.

Clinician opens a "Health Issue" with Hypertension as the name, brings up a SOAP via the "Progress Notes" tab in the bottom of the GNUmed sreen, and takes past and family history, when he discovers that patient has Aortic Aneurism,

Clinician opens a new "Health Issue" with Aortic Aneurism as the name, where he opens a SOAP via "Progress Notes" and includes the time of onset and current treatment regimens - _SAVES_ and goes back to Hypertension Health Issue, continues the interview, registering current medications (should include these medications in the "Current Medication" field of the "Patient" tab on the uppermost part of GNUmed), conducting a physical exam, orientation and medication adjustment etc... _SAVES_.

As Mr R is leaving he says to clinician "Doc, I´ll be honest, I do smoke, but I can´t let my wife know"

Clinician opens a new Health Issue puts Smoking Status in the name and starts a SOAP via "Progress Notes" where he takes the history of the smoking use, time, how much, in what instances, the will to quit; if so, medication prescribed, etc... _SAVES_

Patient leaves, Clinician opens new patient, when new patient exists, Mr R. (who was waiting asks if he can talk just one more minute..

Clinician opens the patient again, _system_ asks if it should generate a NEW Encounter or continue the last one (configuration of the time it takes since last editing patient and new edit done via - ******* I DONT´T KNOW HOW TO DO THIS ******** ) Clinician starts NEW encounter _system_ generates Encounter.

Clinician opens a new "Progress Notes" (clinician does not yet know under wich "Health Issue" he wants the new episode to be stored under) and starts working on the hystory and recurrency of the chest pain etc..., he orders patient to emergency department of local hospital,  when he _SAVES_ the _system_ asks under wich Health Issue he wants to save, he leaves it in the UNKNOWN - because he wants to define if chest pain is due to Hypertension, Aortic Aneurism, or any other thing.


That´s it so far :)


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