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Re: [Gnumed-devel] re install help with a liitle more information

From: Karsten Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] re install help with a liitle more information
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 14:06:28 +0200
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Hi Geordi,

now we are getting closer. There's some information in your
mail that we can work with. Good.

> Postgresql   Version  8.3.3-1
> gnumed  Version

Excellent, you are up to date here. This is Sidux as I
recall ?

> address@hidden:~$  ps ax | grep "postmaster"
>  5743 pts/2    S+     0:00 grep postmaster

The PG project seems to have renamed the PostgreSQL process
name to "postgres" in 8.3. Please retry grepping for "post"
rather than "postmaster".

> tried this 
> su - postgres
> initdb -D ~postgres/data
> postmaster [-i] -D ~postgres/data >logfile 2>&1 &  
> Did not work
Well, how far did it get ? Did it re-init a new cluster ?

This is actually deeply down in the guts of Linux. Sidux
being a Debian variant I doubt you need to be doing any such

>  1.find and open /etc/postgresql/postgresql.conf 
>  2.change tcpip_socket = false to tcpip_socket = on 
> Could find amything that looked like this in the .conf file
These days on PG 8.3 tcpip_socket has been renamed to

> #------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> #------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> # - Connection Settings -
> #listen_addresses = 'localhost'               # what IP address(es) to listen 
> on;
>                                       # comma-separated list of addresses;
>                                       # defaults to 'localhost', '*' = all
>                                       # (change requires restart)

You will only need to change this if you plan to connect
from other machines.

> I would send you file:///etc/postgresql/8.3/main/pg_hba.conf but I can't 
> figure how to get it out of nano.

You might just make a copy with "cp" into your homedir ?
You'll have to be postgres for that to work I'd assume.

> If your distribution uses as postgresql script to start the server, it is 
> likely the pg_ctl is used to run postmaster. In this case, find where pg_ctl 
> is executed and add insert -o \"-i\" as one of the options to pg_ctl. 
> Otherwise, find the script from which postmaster is executed and simply 
> add -i as an argument.
> I am lost on this. I have no idea what to look in.

Sidux should have a script to start PostgreSQL on system
restart. Look for that. The above is only recommended if you
know what you do.

> Basically it refers to server/bootstrap/*.log
Exactly what were the steps you did when you bootstrapped
the database ?

Under which user did you run the net_install* script ?

> Gnumed current looks like this sorry for the long file

> file:///home/Geordie/gnumed/imagecachefile:///home/Geordie/gnumed/soffice.cfgfile:///home/Geordie/gnumed/arrowhd_en-US.soefile:///home/Geordie/gnumed/autotbl.fmtfile:///home/Geordie/gnumed/classic_en-US.sogfile:///home/Geordie/gnumed/cmyk.socfile:///home/Geordie/gnumed/gallery.socfile:///home/Geordie/gnumed/hatching_en-US.sohfile:///home/Geordie/gnumed/html.socfile:///home/Geordie/gnumed/javasettings_Linux_x86.xmlfile:///home/Geordie/gnumed/modern_en-US.sogfile:///home/Geordie/gnumed/palette_en-US.socfile:///home/Geordie/gnumed/standard.sobfile:///home/Geordie/gnumed/standard.socfile:///home/Geordie/gnumed/standard.sodfile:///home/Geordie/gnumed/standard.soefile:///home/Geordie/gnumed/standard.sogfile:///home/Geordie/gnumed/standard.sohfile:///home/Geordie/gnumed/styles_en-US.sodfile:///home/Geordie/gnumed/sun-color.socfile:///home/Geordie/gnumed/web.soc

> this has been added from the net install
Certainly not.

You will have to tell us exactly what you did.

> # GNUmed system-wide configuration file

This looks OK to me.

> What other information would you like?

Exactly how did you install the GNUmed client ?

Can you connect to the public database ?

Exactly how did you install the GNUmed database ?

What does the following say:

su - root
su - postgres
psql -l

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