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[Gnumed-devel] GNUmed LiveCD feedback

From: James Busser
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] GNUmed LiveCD feedback
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 22:22:57 -0700

re LiveCD

- only boots on *some* PCs... I will report if I can identify any differences

- does it anywhere include KOrganizer? If I click on the "Appointment" tab, the view of "Today's KOrganizer appointments..." is empty and within the Appointments screen, clicking (at bottom right) the KOrganizer button does nothing --> if KOrganizer is unwieldly to build into the LiveCD, can the button return a dialog which says that it cannot find KOrganizer?
--> if KOrganizer is manageable to build into the LiveCD
        --> would GNUmed's KOrganizer button launch it?

- in the wiki, I will suggest that people who try the LiveCD should (at GNUmed login) change their selection to
        local GNUmed database
  since this will afford more constancy to what they encounter

- if wanted to explore with pgAdminIII, it opens with a server registration window in which the only pre-populated fields are
        port 5432
        maintenance db = postgres
        username = postgres
   ... what are needed to put into
                name = ?
                host = (? debian)
                password = ?
                db restriction = ?
                service = ?

- display in (e.g. of Kirk) remains in the format
        Capt.James Tiberius Kirk
  whereas we established there would be advantages instead to do
        "Lasts, Title/Salutation Firsts (nick)"
  also the "age" area cannot fully enough display the age 77y5m
  which I suggested be absorbed into the display of name and in the
  resulting combined area to also display dob per
  --> will either or both of the above make it into 0.3.x?
  --> maybe I ought to have added to ToDo.. shall I add?

- there are 3 messages in the inbox

1) the first message "medizinisch / Dokumente durchsehen / neue Dokumente fur Patient [Kirk, James Tiberius]
        --> double-clicking exposes 3 available documents (2 unsigned)
        --> 1st document "Perfume pagoda river boating"
                - is content to view? if so, how?

        --> double-clicking next document "sonstiger Arztbrief..."
                ... causes the title to shift vertically down
                ... results in a 2nd appearance of "perfume pagoda" item above
                ... exposes below "Happy schoolgirls..." and "Mekong River..."
                ... right-clicking the above ("Display page") does nothing
... double-clicking opens Edit dialog box but no document content appears

        --> small picture of Kirk
                ... opens (out of view) *behind* "Edit document" box
                ... is there a reason why it has no reference id?
... how could GNUmed know that "JB" had signed it, if I had only ever logged-in as any-doc, any-doc?

2) Verwaltung / Memo / Beware of Dr. Jeckyll !
--> if this is clicked, the handling provider informs
        "Unknown message type:
        Don't know what to do with it.
        Leaving message in inbox.

3) personlich / zur Kenntnisnahme / Mr Kirk is off to Galactica until 2009
--> if this is clicked, the handling provider informs
        "Unknown message type:
        Don't know what to do with it.
        Leaving message in inbox.


I induced an error in Snellen chart the *second* time that I accessed it from the GNUmed "Tools" menu. Before first using it, I had accessed only the Inbox items and then the Manual tab, and the first time I used it, I accepted the default autocalculated (?) screen height and width of 25 x 30 cm and it seemed ok. I then re-accessed it and after again accepting the default height and width, got an unhandled exception "fill_style is an invalid keyword argument for this function"

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