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Re: [Gnumed-devel] GNUmed LiveCD feedback

From: Karsten Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] GNUmed LiveCD feedback
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 11:44:18 +0200
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On Wed, Aug 27, 2008 at 10:22:57PM -0700, Jim Busser wrote:

> re LiveCD

> --> if KOrganizer is unwieldly to build into the LiveCD, can the button 
> return a dialog which says that it cannot find KOrganizer?

For accessing appointments GNUmed requires "konsolekalender"
which is a KOrganizer helper program in the same vain as That program does seem to be installed
since if it cannot be detected at GNUmed startup the
KOrganizer plugin does not even load.

However, the "KOrganizer" button is indeed intended to
launch KOrganizer. I added a status message to CVS (0.3+) to
signal failure to find KOrganizer.

> --> if KOrganizer is manageable to build into the LiveCD
>       --> would GNUmed's KOrganizer button launch it?

> - in the wiki, I will suggest that people who try the LiveCD should (at 
> GNUmed login) change their selection to
>       local GNUmed database
>   since this will afford more constancy to what they encounter
That makes sense, indeed.

> - if wanted to explore with pgAdminIII, it opens with a server  
> registration window in which the only pre-populated fields are
>       port 5432
>       maintenance db = postgres
>       username = postgres
>    ... what are needed to put into
>               name = ?
>               host = (? debian)
>               password = ?
>               db restriction = ?
>               service = ?

host - leave empty
name - try "postgres"
password - leave empty
db restriction - leave empty
service - leave empty

> re
> - display in (e.g. of Kirk) remains in the format
>       Capt.James Tiberius Kirk
>   whereas we established there would be advantages instead to do
>       "Lasts, Title/Salutation Firsts (nick)"

0.2.8.x will not receive functional changes. It has been in
bugfix only mode since the release of

See above but it's good you bring this up because I
double-checked CVS and found opportunities for

>   also the "age" area cannot fully enough display the age 77y5m
>   which I suggested be absorbed into the display of name and in the
>   resulting combined area to also display dob per
>   --> will either or both of the above make it into 0.3.x?

For one thing if it hadn't made it into 0.3.0 which is
already released it would not make it into 0.3.x. However,
it did. The age area is entirely diffent now, too. There
should be a screenshot somewhere in the list archive.

> 1) the first message "medizinisch / Dokumente durchsehen / neue  
> Dokumente fur Patient [Kirk, James Tiberius]
>       --> double-clicking exposes 3 available documents (2 unsigned)
The message is generated due to those 2 unsigned documents.

>       --> 1st document "Perfume pagoda river boating"
>               - is content to view? if so, how?
It would be viewable by double-clicking but there is no

>       --> double-clicking next document "sonstiger Arztbrief..."
>               ... causes the title to shift vertically down
>               ... results in a 2nd appearance of "perfume pagoda" item above
Can I see a screenshot ? Sounds like a wxpython bug.

>               ... exposes below "Happy schoolgirls..." and "Mekong River..."
Those are the two pages under that document.

>               ... right-clicking the above ("Display page") does nothing
There should be a context menu.

>               ... double-clicking opens Edit dialog box but no document 
> content  
>           appears
The edit dialog appears after the (nonexistant) content has
been routed to the display code. This is configurable.

>       --> small picture of Kirk
>               ... opens (out of view) *behind* "Edit document" box
That is dependant on the window manager behaviour.

>               ... is there a reason why it has no reference id?
Just so :-)

>               ... how could GNUmed know that "JB" had signed it, if I had 
> only ever 
> logged-in as any-doc, any-doc?
Because that's part of the bootstrapped test data :-)

> 2) Verwaltung / Memo / Beware of Dr. Jeckyll !
> --> if this is clicked, the handling provider informs
>       "Unknown message type:
>               [administrative.memo]
>       Don't know what to do with it.
>       Leaving message in inbox.
GNUmed doesn't have a handler for that type of message as it
is only informational (Memo ...).

Right-clicking should reveal a context menu which allows
deleting some of the messages - not autogenerated pseudo
messages, however, of course.

> 3) personlich / zur Kenntnisnahme / Mr Kirk is off to Galactica until  
> 2009
> --> if this is clicked, the handling provider informs
>       "Unknown message type:
>               [personal.FYI]
>       Don't know what to do with it.
>       Leaving message in inbox.

See above.

> Lastly:
> I induced an error in Snellen chart the *second* time that I accessed it 
> from the GNUmed "Tools" menu. Before first using it, I had accessed only 
> the Inbox items and then the Manual tab, and the first time I used it, I 
> accepted the default autocalculated (?) screen height and width of 25 x 
> 30 cm and it seemed ok. I then re-accessed it and after again accepting 
> the default height and width, got an unhandled exception "fill_style is 
> an invalid keyword argument for this function"
Did you select another type of symbol ?  The Snellen chart
is still flakey.

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