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[Gnumed-devel] volunteer for creating tickets at LP

From: Gour
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] volunteer for creating tickets at LP
Date: Mon, 05 Jan 2009 07:55:30 +0100
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I wish all the best and lot of health in a New Year to all GNUmed

After evaluating GNUmed for some time, I concluded it has too many code
specific for dealing with the requirements of general-practice doctors
and it would take too much work to tailor it for our own needs in
homeopathic/counselling clinic.

Otoh, I have to work on another project (GUI app) which will require
very similar database back-end (using Sqlite3 as application's storage
format) and therefore we plan to abstract the whole database back-end
(by using HDBC it is easy to e.g. switch between Sqlite3 & Postgres,
which is not possible in GNUmed.) and use it in both applications.

Moreover, I'm not fond of using/working with wx(python) as GUI toolkit...

Since I took over the task of automating creation of tickets based on
automatic bug-reports sent to 'gnumed-bugs' list, I do not want to drop
it without finding someone to take it over?

My idea was to automate the whole process by having proper 'hook' in
GNUmed's exception handler, but so far it did not work the best 'cause
most of the bug reports are still coming to 'devel' list and I had to
manually copy & paste log files and open tickets at LP which was
supposed to happen automatically.

Lastly, based on Karsten's comments on the last bug report, maybe it is
not needed at all?

However, if someone volunteers to take the task over, pls. contact me
and I can explain how it could be possible to automate the whole thing
by running cron job (I've created address@hidden account which can be
used for picking email for gnumed-bugs list and creating LP tickets by
forwarding signed.)

Last, but not the least...I would like to apologize if my presentation
of ideas for improving GNUmed was not (always) in the right tone and/or
if I offended someone. I'm sorry for that. Please, excuse me :-(

Wishing GNUmed all success in achieving everything I was thinking about
and much more ;)



Gour  | Zagreb, Croatia  | GPG key: C6E7162D

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