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Re: [Gnumed-devel] further thinking on "current medication" -- Clinicia

From: Rogerio Luz
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] further thinking on "current medication" -- Clinicians !
Date: Tue, 12 May 2009 14:33:51 -0300

In your screenshot instead of 3650 days could it not be entered "continuously" or "cronically" ??

On he matter of your sugestion that a "substance" could be placed in the mediction index, it is fine, as long as the hability to take it of the "printable" list the patient takes home, it would not be smart to sign your name under something telling people to get Metoprolol 50mg - 1tablet a day  + Cigarretes 10 units a day .... ;)


2009/5/12 Karsten Hilbert <address@hidden>
While working on displaying the list of current medications
(a screenshot is attached for your edification) the
following thought occurred to me:

Isn't this a listing of "substance use" - only that some are
intended (as far as the provider is concerned) to be used
while others are not ?

IOW, could we be collecting data on smoking, drug (ab)use,
alcohol intake, chewing (leaves, nuts) in here, too ?

We'd then need some flags on entries which we need to think

       considered_harmful (from the POV of the care provider)
       other flags ?


.brand - pseudo brand "smoking" can be used to allow for computation
.preparation - pipe, sniff, water pipe, chew, cig, ...
.substance - "tobacco"
.started - "age 14" or equivalent
.schedule - like typical "as needed" drugs: "10/day"
.duration - well, left blank
.aim - quit or not, depending on current situation
.notes - "tried to quit 3 times"
.considered_harmful - yes
.physically_addicted - yes
.unnecessary_health_risk - yes


.brand - pseudo brand "alcohol"
.preparation - liquid
.substance - "alcohol"
.started - "age 21"
.schedule - "3 beers every night, binge drinker, ..."
.duration - ...
.aim - see smoking
.notes - "2 failed rehabs"
.considered_harmful - yes
.physically_addicted - yes
.unnecessary_health_risk - yes

.brand - pseudo brand "alcohol"
.preparation - liquid
.substance - "red wine"
.started - "age 45"
.schedule - "1 glass/evening"
.duration - "for life"
.aim - "reduce risk of arteriosclerosis"
.notes - "report rashes, dyspnoe, monitor amount"
.considered_harmful - no
.physically_addicted - no
.unnecessary_health_risk - no

Can anyone think of examples which won't fit ?

The current medication widget would be enabled to optionally
group away ".considered_harmful=yes" in order to facilitate
showing intended treatment (only). Other places, say the
patient overview widget, would filter substance_use to risky
intake such as to show smoker, alcohol/drug use, etc.

Opinions ?

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