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[Gnumed-devel] Mini-HOWTO to back-up and recover GNUmed

From: Rogerio Luz Coelho
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Mini-HOWTO to back-up and recover GNUmed
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 14:13:37 -0300

So I had the missfortune to have my laptop die, since I had the backups it all goes down to installing Debian Testing all over again and doing the recovery of the back-up ... so I decided to document... (hey Jim this seems very Wiki-interesting :) )

1) install Debian Testing (Squeeze) WITHOUT Database Server enabled (the instalation WITH this option enabled is bugged and PostgreSQL does not start any cluster at boot
** -bug = This is apparently caused by a bug in udev;There are two existing bugs tracking the problem, one is #517389 (udev), the other #533528 (debian-installer).

2) After instalation of base system, do a "aptitude install psotgresql gnumed-client"

3) Alter pg_hba in "/etc/postgresql/8.3/main/" as in

*** Observe that if you only want a localhost DB this is the ONLY modification in the PostgreSQL config files you need. Other alterations i.e. to "postresql.conf" and "pg_ident.conf" are unnecessary.

4) DOWNLOAD the server tarball you want to recover (if you were using the v10 server it is the v10.6 tarball, and so forth)

5) Inside the tarball you go to "GNUmed-server.v10.6/server/etc/" and copy the files "gnumed-bakup.conf.example" and "gnumed-restore.conf.example" to your systems' /etc/gnumed , and then change their names so that the .example are removed, so they will lie in the folder as "gnumed-restore.conf" and "gnumed-backup.conf".

*** Now you are ready to backup and restore from the scripts provided with the tarball.

6) run "sh x" where x is the name of the backup file WITH the path something like: /back-up-folder/backup-gnumed_v10-GNUmed_Team-your-team-2009-07-24-19-29-18.tar.bz2.

7) Connect to the database and try out some of the patients to make sure everything is ok.

CONGRATS !! you have made it work.

Rogerio Luz Coelho.

PS: I use a script that makes all this process automated , and I include it in the following tarball, just extract all the contents it in a folder anywhere and run the script, any problems let me know.


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