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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Naming convention (Was: Choice of programming languag

From: Karsten Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Naming convention (Was: Choice of programming language and project management)
Date: Mon, 07 Sep 2009 23:17:05 +0200

> Well then a few questions since I am figuring out some more Mac  
> installation issues as to where files go. As part of the Debian  
> install results a directory in the user home folder
>       .gnumed
> which contains a gnumed.conf

Are you sure ?  I shouldn't think so. The ~/.gnumed/ is IMO created
by the first run of as well as the gnumed.conf therein.

> 1. should the hidden directory that is created in the user home be  
> named instead .gnumed-client ?
> 2. should the .conf file that gets  installed (written) into above  
> hidden folder be named instead gnumed-client.conf (not gnumed.conf)

Users run the client, not the server. To them GNUmed *is* the client.

> 3. in the tarball /docs/ I found a second copy of gnumed- 
> client.conf.example (same as client/etc/gnumed) making me concerned  
> the source may keep redundant obsolete copies.

I am currently not aware of any but I'd be happy
to remove duplicates. The tarball creation script does,
however, copy into docs/gnumed-client.conf.example
exactly as to *avoid* duplication in the source. I recently decided
to drop the actual gnumed-client.conf.example and document all
options in which has much higher chances of being
properly up to date.

> Do we need the example in docs

Well, real packages (like the debs) wouldn't *have* the at all.

> 4. there exist also in the tarball files that seem optional:
>       egk+kvk-demon.conf.example
>       ... shall we relocate within the tarball, outside client
>       ... either into external-tools or (if that is not suitable)

Not the .example (because that's docs/) but probably the init
script. They aren't used yet, however, anyway.

>       ... also inside egk+kvk-demon.conf.example
>               can
>               # Copy this file to /etc/gnumed/ekg+kvk-demon.conf ...
>               be changed to
>               # Copy this file to /etc/gnumed-client

Why ?


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