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Re: [Gnumed-devel] state of medication handling

From: Karsten Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] state of medication handling
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2009 00:32:07 +0200

> > The first part is done
> Would this be development database version 12?

Yes and no. Yes, it will be in v12, but no, not only that will be.

> The directory at
> shows only an empty .dot file, maybe a cron script stalled out and  
> just needs to be allowed to run in the next 24h or must anything  
> manual be done?

Yes, I need to bootstrap the v12 public database on that server
and make sure the cron script has access ;-)

> Also, where in the CVS tree would be the module (and module file name)  
> for what you have been able to do so far?


are the relevant Python source files. Note that for more than absolute
basic meaningful testing one needs to have the German drug database
MMI/Gelbe Liste installed either in Wine or in native Windows. The
GNUmed project cannot and will not distribute that to users.

> ... it would make sense for me to postpone any efforts at  
> documentation (for how other databases might be contributed) until the  
> alpha using only the german source was able to be poked at,

I guess so. Will keep the list posted about my progress.

> ... for those in the US, a US-based company First data Bank charges  
> considerable money (maybe on the order of a few thousand dollars per  
> year per site) to use their software although if it includes drug  
> interaction checking then that is admittedly labor-intensive and  
> expensive for any company to maintain.

For reference: the German MMI/Gelbe Liste also supports interaction
checks. It even supports an interface to that so GNUmed can say:

  "look for interactions between the following drugs and display them"

(this is already implemented ;-)

It got a drawback, though, in that it needs enumerating drugs by
their PZN (Pharma Zentral Nummer - the German central drug number,
handed out by the German FDA). I plan on gently prodding them to
consider doing this via ATC but medically even the highest degree of
granularity isn't sufficient for entirely safe interaction checking
(because there's interactions between non-ATC components of drugs).

However, the GNUmed schema allows to store one generic external
opaque code per drug brand which I plan on using for storing PZNs
and equivalents. Data in that field will be expected to follow a
micro-format such as "<issuer>::<value>" such that meaningful
processing can take place on that.

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