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[Gnumed-devel] Medication creation requirements

From: Jim Busser
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Medication creation requirements
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2009 23:54:57 -0800

Just some things I have been thinking about....

- doctors need not always provide (or even know) the possible proprietary (brand or Handel) names of medications and therefore when inputting a medication name it must be possible to create a substance name while leaving blank (null) the Handelname

- when selecting a substance name it is possible that the doctor may know the Handelname when the substance is either uniquely available only under a single Handelname or because the doctor is specifying the desired Handelname or because we might not here be talking about a prescription but may instead be talking about documenting a known substance already being taken by this patient who is providing both the substance and the Handelname information

- this means that when selecting a substance name it should be possible for the doctor to

        - be given a list of matches for a substance name
- and for each substance name, to be offered multiple matching Handelnames where these do already exist in the backend - where a combination of a substance name with a Handelname is desired, select it - be able to accept a substance name without having to accept a Handelname - when a substance name already existed but a suitable matching Handelname did not, add the Handelname

- when a substance is one of multiple substances within a Handelname that is to be created, be provided some way to enter / associate the other components with this Handelname

I am further wondering:

- when the substance is matched, it is returned with a set of strengths known to exist for that substance and does the user then get to select whichever is the best line from among multiple lines each of which offers a different combination of substance with strength?

- will the user also select from among existing "plans" like 1-0-0-0 where keyboard input of 1 will filter out 0 and 2 and further keyboard input of -0 will filter the choices to the matching


and any other additional matches from what might exist in the backend?

- should the user be provided two different fields, one for substance and another for Handelname and will the choice determine the widget behaviour or will the field serve as a combo box (like the name field in which one can put in a name or other identifier)?

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