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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Re: Medication viewing

From: Jim Busser
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Re: Medication viewing
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 09:07:57 -0800

I agree. It now does.

--- or did you intend the Episode name actually
be the Health issue except for Unattributed and only when
unattributed to show the episode name?

No, but would that be preferrable ?

Maybe not. When Episode is the Grouping term is the first order sort now determined "invisibly" by whatever was the default or manually- determined order of the health issues, and so it is coincidental, or for other reasons, that "abdominal pain" appears first, and not because of its alpha "a"? Or is the sort order in fact determined by this alpha but only in the case of this initial piece of the chain, after which the sequence chains to other medications (or non- medications) that associate with that same episode etc

If it is first by undisplayed Health Issue sort, then I imagine what we should see is the Unattributed episodes presented together... would these be by alpha of the episode name, or by chronologic order of the episode start?

Might it make sense to present the above grouped at the top of the list (like in the health issues list)?

So when the user clicks "Group by Handelsname" can the control cause
Handelsname to be the left-most column,

Done. Episode is then put back to the right.

I am just wondering whether we ever want the components of multi-part drug to be separated and non-contiguous in a list.

For a moment I wondered whether grouping by Episode should include a second-order grouping within Handelname except I suppose

1) a patient could have received two components each (originally) as individual drugs for separate conditions but then (for convenience) be prescribed a combined medication. In this case you can't group except by breaking the the first.

2) one medication can treat two conditions and this becomes even more possible with a multi-part drug enabling a tactical choice (less available with a single medication) to let another condition be shown associated in the table.

Therefore maybe there can't be a reliable second-order grouping. I only continue to feel a tension as to whether to insert the Handelsname between the left-most column Episode and the Substance because in most cases the elements will in fact be sequenced adjacent, and because when reviewing with the patient they often recognize the Handelsname not the substance and to me it would align more naturally in the patient per-problem discussion where we need them to understand which drug we're talking about.

and within
Stoff by decreasing numeric value of dosis (since a sequence of
presentation of 100 + 50 would be more natural to add than 50 + 100)

Oh, OK.   Now, since strength isn't numeric in the backend
that'd be rather hard. I have added a third-order sort
argument of .started, however, which achieves about the same

I am realizing these two strengths could have been registered within a single encounter in either order giving unpredictable result via above but as the strength's non-numeric maybe not bother.

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