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Re: Feedback Re: [Gnumed-devel] GNUmed Release 0.6.rc1

From: Karsten Hilbert
Subject: Re: Feedback Re: [Gnumed-devel] GNUmed Release 0.6.rc1
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2009 10:59:11 +0100

> Inbox
> ====
> the inbox item "Kirk is of to Galactica" if double-clicked is of an  
> Unknown message type. Are message types and their handling intended to  
> be configured anywhere via the frontend?

No. Maybe this message is more confusing than helpful ? Should we demote
it to a status line message ?  Or do nothing at all ?
> Substances
> =========
> the default view when clicking "on" the checkbox "Unapproved" shows  
> "O" which is again a wx issue of default column widths… it seems to  
> auto-scale only to the width of the widest content (checkmark) while  
> ignoring the width of the heading ("OK?")

will make that a fixed, sufficient, width

> the new Episode and Brand grouping behaviour as discussed on list will  
> presumably appear in rc2


> the substances are presumably being displayed as user-entered as raw  
> data or as looked up from an external database?

What is displayed is native to the GNUmed database. Whether it came from
an external lookup or was user entered doesn't matter.

External databases are used as data source only.

> In my own case I think  there's no external database.

At least GNUmed doesn't know of any (hence my offer off-list).

> The drug "generic" (chemical, nonproprietary) names are HCT  
> and Metoprolol whereas in my pharmacology classes and in reference  
> texts these are spelt with lower case. Presumably any change at the  
> local database level will not be specific to the patient but to all  
> patients in the local database.

If you go to GNUmed / Master Data / Substances you'll change the
reference INN being linked to from various patients, yes.

> row double-clicks
> - a double-click on a row will invoke an edit widget, but maybe an  
> (obvious) Edit button should be provided

will add

> - I don't suppose the level of granularity easily offers to detect the  
> column and therefore automagically set in focus the related field  
> inside the edit widget. Maybe even if it could, this would be more  
> precise than desirable

It'd be possible but let's keep that for when we've got more experience
with the whole thing.

> Editing
> - Substance does not offer a phrasewheel, nor do Strength,  
> Preparation, or Schedule appear to (?)

ah, those aren't connected up to the backend just yet, will be in 0.6, though

> - is the Clear button intended to only "clear" before the initial save  
> and inside an edit (since clicking apprears to restore) should it be  
> Restore or Revert?

when editing a pre-existing item in the edit area this will indeed
revert to the database state, I'll check whether it is possible to
improve this with respect to the naming and tooltip

> Delete button
> - not yet enabled?

yep, there was a problem with detecting which row is selected

> - what will be the difference between Delete and somehow instead  
> designating as Inactive?

delete: the record will be gone from the current substance intake list

"mark inactive": the record will stay there but will not be shown by default

> Maybe a date field is missing from the Edit widget?


> will Interactions? and Print buttons do something in 0.6.x


Interactions will call upon the external database to check for interactions
of either all drugs (if < 2 rows selected) or between the selected rows.

Print will indeed create some treeware, eventually !  :-)

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