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[Gnumed-devel] Re: Fields in the FD (Qt) GUI -- eureka!

From: Jim Busser
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Re: Fields in the FD (Qt) GUI -- eureka!
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2010 02:16:10 -0800

On 2010-02-27, at 12:57 AM, Eric MAEKER wrote:

> In first, have you carrefully read the doc ? All is explained. May be a 
> google translate Will help.

Maybe my reply (now) will make it more clear :-)

First, the combination of my weak (non-medical) Francais and Google translate 
did not make a happy combination... my questions were *after* I had made the 
effort, however your encouragement made me go back and try again with more 
focus and experimentation. Now...

1) I think FD is even more possibly brilliant, because I did not realize it 
makes possible to save specific prescriptions and assign a "label" and keep 
these to be *reusable* for different patients when these multiple preferences 
could be for different situations. These are something you appeared to call 
"Standard" or "Standardized dosages" e.g. different indications / diseases 
which sometimes need different strengths or different durations (simple lower 
tract urinary infection vs pyelonephritis, for example) and you can give these 
a string name, and either save them *and* prescribe, or save (create & save) 
them only without prescribing.

Comment: I think the term "Standard" is confusing, because it implies some 
externally agreed (reference-defined) amount, yet the user can make these 
however they want, and also even if the disease-suitability and strength may be 
standard, the user-decided dosing regime (or duration) may not. So, for those 
who understand a cooking metaphor, it may be better to think of these as 
"recipes" ??

Q... I am not sure what does the option to "prescribe only" do if you did not 
(also) save them, since the just-now inputted label string does not appear in 
the printed prescription (unless a bug) ... or does this string get saved in 
the XML to remind the user later, when they would reload this file, some 
indication (reason) why they issued this prescription to this patient?

Q... in which table these get stored? Even after saving, I could not find the 
string that I saved.

Q... *after* I save, I later open the same commercial drug, I am shown my 
previously-saved string, and I can edit it, but I seem unable to create a 
second one for this commercial drug, even if I change the dose. Is this a bug, 
or is the user limited to one "recipe" per commercial "drug"?

Q... I am shown only the red-blue capsule (commercial) option, and so seemed 
unable to create an INN-based "recipe" except *after* I saved and came back to 
open this drug, then I was able to check-box INN, however this *replaced* the 
original red-clue capsule (commercial drug) recipe. I therefore see no way to 
see both a commercial and an INN option in the same window despite it is shown 
at the manual at 

Q... when selecting "Used for INN prescription" checkbox, the display refreshes 
to show (for Amodex 500 mg/5 ml) "Linking to : amoxicilline 6 g" --- but this 6 
g was not the natural result of the dose x duration and is confusing. Maybe it 
has some relation to the size of the package but since the same INN could be 
sold by different companies in different package sizes I still do not 
understand what it helps (and maybe limits)!

Q... your image at  
(beneath the list of "recipes") showed a " +  - " control to add or remove 
recipes, but it was missing from my FreeDiams in attached screenshot... is this 

Q... the hover tooltip text in the attached screenshot has some typos... should 
be database (not databse) and changes (not cahnges)

PNG image

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