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[Gnumed-devel] Re: Fields in the FD (Qt) GUI -- eureka!

From: Jim Busser
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Re: Fields in the FD (Qt) GUI -- eureka!
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2010 07:38:07 -0800

> Anymore questions ? ;)
> Eric

maybe you should have paused on the above invitation? ;-)

On 2010-02-27, at 4:08 AM, Eric MAEKER wrote:

>> So, for those who understand a cooking metaphor, it may be better to think 
>> of these as "recipes" ??

Did you never see doctors use medications wrongly? This is my (soft) argument 
that, as these are not currently enforced to be standards, we should maybe not 
yet call them what they are not. 

> In France and when I talk to other doctors, a "recipe" of cure is a VERY VERY 
> VERY VERY bad prescription ;)
> So I don't really think that recipe is a good metaphor for that ;)

But I was not intending any disagreeable approach...
I was also thinking, very partially, that FD is nicely flexible -- which 
doctors love -- to allow to do something when there is no agreed standard and 
simply "a personal way of doing things". We do have, in the database, "labels" 
that are simple packaging words, not therapeutic words, so this duplicate use 
is to me ambiguous. To be honest, what FD offers is here something *better* 
than a (dumb) label... FD is actually here offering the ability to define 
*protocols*. This name (at least for english users) would only take away a few 
mm of field width, if you would think it is acceptable and more true to the 
intent. Is "Protocol" ok?

>> Q... I am not sure what does the option to "prescribe only" do if you did 
>> not (also) save them, since the just-now inputted label string does not 
>> appear in the printed prescription (unless a bug) ... or does this string 
>> get saved in the XML to remind the user later, when they would reload this 
>> file, some indication (reason) why they issued this prescription to this 
>> patient?
> Prescribe only --> do not save to the dosage database the current dosage and 
> prescribe the drug as selected. If you used a dosage, the reference is keeped 
> in the XML. FD does not remind the dosage for now.

ah... makes sense (what I was thinking)

>> Q... *after* I save, I later open the same commercial drug, I am shown my 
>> previously-saved string, and I can edit it,
> Yes you can change whatever you want.
>> but I seem unable to create a second one for this commercial drug,
> Just change the label of the dosage and click "Save" or "Save and Prescribe".
>> Q... I am shown only the red-blue capsule (commercial) option, and so seemed 
>> unable to create an INN-based "recipe" except *after* I saved and came back 
>> to open this drug, then I was able to check-box INN, however this *replaced* 
>> the original red-clue capsule (commercial drug) recipe. I therefore see no 
>> way to see both a commercial and an INN option in the same window despite it 
>> is shown at the manual at

The point of the above is that I am totally unable to create a second one. When 
I double click a drug, I am shown only a single, without-label (without 
Protocol name) item in the dosages list, which is auto-selected. I cannot 
"deselect" it and so seemingly I cannot create a second Standard/Protocol. Even 
when I change a dose or a name and click Save, it over-writes the previous 
value and won't create a new one.

It seems to me a bug but maybe the "problem source" is not at this level but 
upstream and related to my not so far populating the INN tables?

> With the Canadian DB you can yet create an INN prescription till you don't 
> have the link table : MOLECULE <-> INN

the above should be "cannot yet" ?

>> Q... when selecting "Used for INN prescription" checkbox, the display 
>> refreshes to show (for Amodex 500 mg/5 ml) "Linking to : amoxicilline 6 g" 
>> --- but this 6 g was not the natural result of the dose x duration and is 
>> confusing. Maybe it has some relation to the size of the package but since 
>> the same INN could be sold by different companies in different package sizes 
>> I still do not understand what it helps (and maybe limits)!
> Hummmm, I must check that.
>> Q... your image at 
>>  (beneath the 
>> list of "recipes") showed a " +  - " control to add or remove recipes, but 
>> it was missing from my FreeDiams in attached screenshot... is this intended?
> Hu ??? Euh ??? I'll take a look.
>> Q... the hover tooltip text in the attached screenshot has some typos... 
>> should be database (not databse) and changes (not cahnges)
> Oh yes. Thanks.

see below

>> Q... in which table these get stored? Even after saving, I could not find 
>> the string that I saved.
> The dosages are saved in the user's resources path :
> Unices = $home/.FreeDiams/resources/databases/drugs/dosage.db
> Win = %HOME%/.FreeDiams/resources/databases/drugs/dosage.db

so... not in a table. This is a relief because I worried these could then be 
lost with a new drug database. Can I suggest the tooltip be modified to "user 
database" or (maybe better) "user area" or "user file"?

-- Jim

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