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[Gnumed-devel] multitaskhttpd experiment

From: lkcl
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] multitaskhttpd experiment
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 12:10:57 -0700 (PDT)

ok, i added in use of multitaskhttpd, which you can get from
git clone address@hidden/git/multitaskhttpd.git
then copy to /usr/lib/python2.N/site-packages or other suitable location in
sys.path so that it can be "import multitaskhttpd"'d

patch is at

start with ./ --ui=mtweb

it is ironic: now you can log in, but the jsonrpclib test suite doesn't do
cookies, so the screen debug log quickly fills with multiple app instances,
four per each use of!

also, irony: if you do any database-style operations first (alter to try it), and you have only just started the UI, you get
prompted at the command-line for a psycopg2 username/pass!

but if you reverse the test, then *all* database queries go through the same
user credentials!  exactly _not_ what you should be doing :)

so i am forced to implement a 2nd-tier threaded / process architecture
*behind* this front-level one, most likely using SocketServer.

eeeuw! :)

ok i remember lovely-jsonrpc
it supports cookies, it will solve the testing problem with jsonrpclib.tgz


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