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[Gnumed-devel] Proposal for a remotely web-accessible patient summary

From: Jim Busser
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Proposal for a remotely web-accessible patient summary
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2010 17:39:06 -0700

Here is my concept for a remotely-browser-accessible summary of a GNUmed 

Upon logging in (userid, password, ideally a 2nd factor)

Search box

Upon selection, be shown only a *limited* summary (name, birthdate, sex).

The apprehension here is that the cautious doctor who (for convenience) used 
the only available but untrusted machine may prefer to not expose (to key 
loggers or screen capture) any more of the patient information than is 
necessary. So, the concept includes:

1) Display initially only the information that orients you to this patient:

2) Allow the selective opening of additional information "sections", 
facilitated by an "open all" button / link

3) The ability to be able to add even just:

- a Waiting List item (a way to not "lose" that something known about remotely 
is going to need to be done and)
- an Inbox item (a message that can be directed to any existing user or to no 
user, concerning this patient)
        - maybe here to just show the users short signing alias, not their 
userid (to mitigate user identity takeover)

(limited summary)

LASTNAME, Firstnames
BIRTHDATE: YYYY.Mon.DD (tokenized)
SEX: value


<Inbox items>

<Waiting list items>

<Demographic and identity>
Health number: value (tokenized)

<Hospitalization (most recent known)>

<Operation (most recent known)>

<Allergies & intolerances (known)>

<Medications, current (known)>

<Medications, discontinued (known, past 120 days)>

<Problem list (filter TBA)>


generated <datetime> by <user> from <IP> using GNUmed (

Remote user can easily print  or save to disk whatever exposed portions are 
desired. The inbox and waiting list creation items could even be configured in 
a way as to allow them to display enough text to serve a communication purpose 
(like information about a referral) which --- by being on the web browser's 
screen -- could be included in what is printed and placed on the hospital chart 
or faxed to the clinician who is being asked to help with this patient.

-- Jim

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