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[Gnumed-devel] Solution (?) to FreeDIams' quantity per time vs repeats w

From: Jim Busser
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Solution (?) to FreeDIams' quantity per time vs repeats within day, while supporting WHO ATC / DDD
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2010 08:20:44 -0700

It has been bothering me that within the FD GUI ("Basics" pane), the user first 

        [amount of medication to be taken]
        [unit of time in which it is to be taken]
        (most commonly per day)

which works if this amount is inputted as

        Take 6 tablets
        each day

and is then (in the next pane, "Schemes") divided into

        2 in the morning
        2 at mid-day
        2 later in the day

However a problem exists if the user would alternatively begin (in Basics) with

        Take 2 tablets
        each day

and then, in Schemes, employ the "Repeat" subsection to direct the patient


The result was:

1) a prescription which (in English) was ambiguous "Take 2 ... each day... 
2) next, how does this get passed to the EMR which desires to understand the 
total dosage per unit time and, from this, to derive DDD

However... the "Repeat" subsection can really only be used (if all all) in the 
context of a "day" ... not a "week" or "month" etc.

So… what if the Basics panel would include the English word "dose" or "time" 
(meaning occasion – in French, "fois" – not clock time)?

The clinician who intends to formulate using "Repeat" could then do:

        Take 2 tablets
        each dose (chaque fois) !!!

Then, DDD becomes clear:

        DDD =

        if "Each" is a subset of {day week month year} AND repeats is null

                DDD = quant / {if each = "day", 1; if each = "week", 7; if each 
= "month", 30.5; if each = "year", 365.25}


                DDD = quant * [count of repeats]


-- Jim

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