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[Gnumed-devel] Re: packaging GNUmed web stuff

From: Andreas Tille
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Re: packaging GNUmed web stuff
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2010 14:44:24 +0200
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On Sun, Aug 29, 2010 at 11:03:06AM +0200, Sebastian Hilbert wrote:
> While it is not finished I would like to know how to proceed with packaging.
> First I need help with the package name.
> gnumed-web-client ?
> gnumed-client-web ?

Hmmm, naming is always difficult - but what you are installing is
actually no client but a server which serves web pages to the user,
right? (Not really honest, just provoking ;-)).  So why not simlpy

   gnumed-webui ?
> The problem here is that this beast consists of three part.s
> gnumed-server
> gnumed-client (running on a central server and acting like it from the user's 
> perspective)
> gnumed-client-webui (which is webpages and Javascript served to the user's 
> browser)

Why is this actually a "problem"?
> We now have a wxpython client which is run on the user's computer and we have 
> a pyjamas based client which is run on the server (or the user's computer if 
> it is identical with the server)
> So I would package all what is currently in the gnumed-client package (except 
> the wxpython directory) plus the ProxiedWeb folder.

About what folder you are talking about?
> Then the server administrator would install gnumed-client-web and gnumed-
> server on the serving machine. He/she would then run the client with the --
> webui option to start the serving.

I do not understand this.  Is the same script ( starting the
wx native client as well as the web client?

> For it to work multitaskhttpd would have to be installed and be running as 
> well. I guess multitaskhttpd needs to be packaged seperately.

URL for multitaskhttpd?

> Any name for 
> that package ? gnumed-server-multitaskhttpd ? or python-multitaskhttpd ?

Probably the last one because I guess this is not really a GNUmed
related software, right?
> This scenario currently does not need Apache installed. I know that for https 
> to work someone said that apache could be used. I have no idea how to 
> configure this and currently cannot help with this. If we get this figured 
> out 
> it cannot be automated as many users will have a default installation of 
> Apache and I am not going to mess with it. So anyone attempting this will go 
> to the Wiki and configure this manually. 

I'm not sure about other distributions than Debian but my guess is that
/etc/apache2/conf.d is not a Debian specific thing.  Most probably you
can configure the package using this mechanism.
> Any help is appreciated.

Probably not (yet) really helpful because I need some more information.

Kind regards


PS: I hope that I will be able to upload gnumed 0.8 / v14 at the end of
    this week to Debian experimental.


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