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Re: [Gnumed-devel] FreeDiams was Re: GNUmed 0.9.2 release

From: Jim Busser
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] FreeDiams was Re: GNUmed 0.9.2 release
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2011 21:08:48 -0700

On 2011-04-09, at 4:17 PM, Karsten Hilbert wrote:

>> Thanks Jim for this presentation.
>> May be you can show GNUmed / FreeDiams couple working with a full
>> FreeDiams prescription (with DDI management):
>>  - GNUmed select patient
>>  - GNUmed ask FreeDiams to create a prescription
>>  - Prescription is written in FreeDiams with DDI engine activated
>>  - User quit FreeDiams
>>  - GNUmed retreive prescription in its GUI
>>  - GNUmed user tries to re-edit this prescription
>>  - FreeDiams opens with the same prescription and still with DDI management
> I would, in fact, expect this scenario to work. Some hints:
>>  - GNUmed retreive prescription in its GUI
> -> you can show both the raw XML and the generated PDFs from
>   the document tree

Using GNUmed 0.9.6 (and although I did not yet heavily test it) it is possible 
in the Medication plugin to

        - click the Rx button which (for me) loads an instance of FreeDiams 
populating Kirks' demographics
        - prescribe medication in FreeDiams
        - quit FreeDiams and return to GNUmed where I am provided a 
double-column list

                left:    just-prescribed-in-FreeDiams
                right:  empty

and am given the options to add one or multiple to Kirk's record in GNUmed.


1) it seems that even if I decline to add medications (from FreeDiams) to 
Kirk's list, the medications were already, or will be anyway, added to the 
GNUmed reference tables of consumable substances and brands?

2) I do not see any PDFs auto-added to the GNUmed documents. Are additional 
configurations or actions needed for this to happen?

3) when accepting to add in GNUmed, these drugs appear auto-added to a standard 
episode "Medication History". Is this perhaps hard-coded and only really able 
to be changed (edited) on-at-a-time inside the patient's list of medications in 
GNUmed ?

-- Jim

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