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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Request for comment: icd10-database

From: Rogerio Luz Coelho
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Request for comment: icd10-database
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 18:11:38 -0300

In Brasil we have for free:


the last CNV is a conversion format to be used in certain gocerment aplications.


2011/6/29 Sebastian Hilbert <address@hidden>
Am Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2011, 19:31:58 schrieb Slappinjohn:
> Hi,
> we won't be able to ship a complete icd10 database in what language ever
> with gnumed. You're right, that's there is no "free" version of icd10
> available. In Germany you can get a computer-readable version for about
> 10€ under a proprietary licence.
> So I think the best way is to provide an importer with gnumed where
> everybody can import the icd10-codes that are available in his country
> under what licence ever.

This is two-fold. One issue is how to get (whatever source of) ICD data into
the GNUmed database

The other is how to use the ICD data available in the GNUmed database.

Let's not worry too much about it.

Think of a table structure that is best for using the data inside GNUmed. The
as a second step worry how to get it in there.

Two options

1) one importer per source

source --> importer --> GNUmed

2) one converter per source

source 1 | source 2 --> converter --> converted source --> importer --> GNUmed


> Marc
> Am 28.06.2011 23:59, schrieb Eric Maeker:
> > 2011/6/28 Slappinjohn <address@hidden>:
> >> Currently I'm writing a little tool for importing icd10 codes supplied
> >> by health department or WHO
> >
> > ? Does WHO offers a **free**, updates and dowloadable version of the
> > ICD10 on their website ?
> > And the more interesting : does the WHO offers the same in all languages
> > ?
> >
> > I did not see anything of this kind on their website. Could you please
> > clear this situation ?
> >
> > Thanks
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