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[Gnumed-devel] Encounter types… defaults, an d setting per-encounter

From: Jim Busser
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Encounter types… defaults, an d setting per-encounter
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 18:47:08 -0700

1) in the UI menu

        GNUmed > Preferences… > EMR… > Encounter… > Default type


… is this preference per-user or praxis-wide (across all users)?

2) presently, when about to activate a new patient, the encounter scenarios are:

(a) the target patient is silently activated, because

        - there existed no still-open encounter
                --> encounter of type default is silently created

        - or the open encounter's run-time lies outside the global 
"user-to-confirm nag interval"
                --> encounter of whatever type existed gets silently continued

(b) or the user must (via prompt) decide whether to continue an open encounter, 
or whether to create a new one

which for me creates a problem. Unlike front desk staff, whose encounters when 
answering phone requests or logging in patients will almost always be an 
"administrative encounter", for me it is always changing. I see a low volume of 
patients and so I more often do chart reviews (my current default) however if 
and when I *do* see a patient in the praxis, or if and when I do receive a 
clinical phone call that I want to document, I know that even before I search 
the patient. To me it seems undesirable that I have no control when I know the 
default will be wrong and hopefully notice and remember I have to either go 
into and fiddle in menu > EMR > Encounters list or

- set focus to the Note plugin (if not set as UI > Person > initial plug-in)
- hit tab (set focus into the encounter type field)
- select all (if not already selected)
- delete (not really required)
- input part of a string
- hit return
- hit tab 

…wait … I do see

        GNUmed menu > Preferences > EMR > Encounter > Edit on patient change

but neither the Yes or No buttons make a difference.


(i) is the last-mentioned a bug?

(ii) can it be made that when the user has either

        - configured as "yes"  "Edit encounter on patient change", or
        - activated the patient during the "nag" (confirm) interval

        the dialog can do more than just report the encounter type
        and instead offer whether to

        keep (or change) the setting of the still-open encounter, and
        if creating a new encounter, setting its type in the dialog?

(iii) is "Edit encounter on patient change" user-specific or praxis-wide?

-- Jim

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