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[Gnumed-devel] Improvement to Measurements plugin

From: Jim Busser
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Improvement to Measurements plugin
Date: Mon, 01 Aug 2011 11:43:46 -0700

See screenshot. I have ideas to make clearer that:

- the Select button is does not take into account (or make obvious to the  use) 
the possibility to make selections independently of the button / function

- the items in the Actions… button will be applied *only* to whatever has been 
selected…  this is unclear until after you would click on that button, and then 
realize it is not a button, but a menu that contains:

        Perform on selected results:
        Review and sign
        Export to file
        Export to clipboard

- also, why is it that (even when nothing is selected) some of these items are 
active / available, but even after something was selected the Export items 
remain unavailable?

What I would suggest is the following:

        (1) an Input button
        - it could instead be labeled "Add", only we do already have lots of 
        - in time, maybe a machine can be helped to "inject" a value

        (2) an Import button
        - per screenshot comment

        (3) a Display indicator and button

        (4) an area that combines some clearer refactoring of Selection and 

additional discussion on 3 and 4:

(3) Display indicator and button – the plugin might inform what is actually 
being displayed, which has the possibility of not being everything. I suggest 
that what is of greatest interest when first visiting the Measurements is 
anything that is unsigned. This is reasonable because it corresponds to Inbox 
items, even despite that the user had not bothered to actively check there. I 
agree when you see new unsigned results in isolation, for example if you would 
see an elevated creatinine, you would right away want to know whether this was 
a change. However if upon initial presentation the new results drown in a sea 
of existing results, and can be hard to pay them proper attention. Example: you 
order 10 tests and nine come back and these 9 rows get signed, but when the 
last result later comes back, it may be hard to see it as the 6th cell in a 
column of 10 rows. So I would suggest to first display *just* the new / 
unsigned information if that applies, and let the user click a button to 
include already-signed information into the view. 

By default then, it would be helpful to first see what (if anything) no-one has 
yet taken responsibility for, and so

(i) in the case where results exist for which no responsibility is taken:

        Displayed: Unsigned results [ … ] <---- a representation for a button, 
maybe ellipsis or down-triangle

(ii) otherwise:

        Displayed: All results [ … ]
(iii) button [ … ] might contain the following. On release, the text next to 
"Displayed: … " would be accordingly updated:

        Display helper
        All results
        Custom <--- the idea would be future use
                                … maybe storable queries 
        My unsigned

(4) refactoring of Selection and Actions could be something like

        Selection: [ Current …]     [ Actions … ]

        where [ Current … ] implies whatever (if anything) was
        already selected and might contain:

                Cell selection helper
                My unsigned <--- changes whatever was
                                                selected (if anything) to My 
                All unsigned <--- changes whatever was
                                                selected (if anything) to All 

        and the [ Actions …] would remain as it already is

-- Jim

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