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[Gnumed-devel] Encounter overlaps in GNUmed in future 1.2

From: Busser, Jim
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Encounter overlaps in GNUmed in future 1.2
Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2012 01:18:47 +0000

Supposing in a praxis

- you had an educator coming periodically to give diabetic teaching
- a patient is scheduled to come into the praxis at 1000h for such teaching
- two days before, the patient had gone to the hospital and had their 
previously ordered echocardiogram
- at 0900h, while doing an errand before the scheduled appointment, the patient 
slips and falls
        --> lands on an outstretched wrist
        --> lacerates it sufficiently badly to require suturing
        --> comes into the praxis early, at 0920
- the wound is sutured, but there is a question if there could be a fracture
        --> patient is given a requisition
        --> patient prefers to keep their scheduled teaching, and *then* go to 
- at 1010h the automated importer pulls in the echocardiogram report (or it 
could be any lab data etc) which does not relate clinically to today's 
- at 1100h the patient goes to the radiology facility and gets their wrist 
Xrayed and
- at 1145h the patient returns to the praxis

1) will GNUmed's current data structure allow

- encounter "seen in praxis" 09:20 - 09:20 RFE "fell, lacerated R 
ulnar hand, #?"

- encounter "diabetic education" 10:00 - 10:50 RFE "review of 
diabetic diet"

- automated encounter "imported data" 10:10 - 10:10 RFE ""

2) when the patient returns at 1145 and the clinician re-activates this 
patient's record, they will (depending on their settings) either be

        given the prompt "Continue the encounter "imported data" ?

which the user will not want to do *or* they may not even be prompted and so, 
when they set focus on the Notes plugin, they may be "looking at"

        "imported data"

without any way to get over to the previous but desired encounter. In GNUmed 
client 1.2 will they have some method available in the GUI to bring into focus 
or "set" the current encounter to be

         - encounter "seen in praxis" 09:20 - 11:45 RFE "fell, 
lacerated R ulnar hand, #?"

maybe by refreshing the "last_affirmed" column value?

3) presently, when a patient is activated during a time window when an existing 
encounter is recent enough that it can be extended, the client offers the most 
recent based on most recent timestamp "started" but it now seems it could make 
more sense to offer based on most recent "last_affirmed". Does that make sense?

-- Jim

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