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[Gnump3d-devel] Including links to external streams

From: Ross Palmer Mohn
Subject: [Gnump3d-devel] Including links to external streams
Date: Thu, 01 Apr 2004 21:14:06 -0500

Problem: I was wanting to include links to my favorite internet radio
streams on my gnump3d site so that I could use them like the preset
buttons on my car radio. So, I created a .m3u file for each station, but
gnump3d wouldn't serve them up properly.

Solution: I added these 4 lines to sub adjustPreMadePlaylist so that if
a song's address begins with http:// gnump3d2 will know that the site is
specified exactly and leave it alone. This way, external internet radio
streams are served properly.

# diff --context gnump3d2 gnump3d2.002
*** gnump3d2            Thu Mar 25 13:49:02 2004
--- gnump3d2.002        Thu Apr  1 20:36:00 2004
*** 1528,1533 ****
--- 1528,1537 ----
            # Line already contains a server:port section.
            # Leave it as is.
+       elsif ( $line =~ /http:\/\// )
+       {
+           # Line is an external server. Leave it as is.
+       }
        elsif ( $line =~ /$ROOT\/(.*)/ )

Cheers! -RPM
Ross Palmer Mohn

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