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Re: [Gnump3d-users] utf-8 problem

From: Cameron Mura
Subject: Re: [Gnump3d-users] utf-8 problem
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 12:20:04 -0800
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On our Red Hat 9 (and 8?) desktops, LANG is set system-wide to the American English flavor of UTF-8 via a line in the file /etc/sysconfig/i18n:
However, I've encountered numerous problems with some programs's compatibility with UTF-8 encoding (e.g., man pages, Adobe's acroread, etc.), so I alias these troublesome apps to something like "env LANG=C /some/path/to/executable".  The fix isn't applied at the system level (e.g., by changing to LANG="en_US") so as to avoid hampering those programs that work fine with UTF-8.

Ah the joy of Linux fontsets and character encodings...


=== Steve Kemp wrote (on 03/28/2004 06:12 AM): ===
On Sun, Mar 28, 2004 at 02:42:38PM +0100, Oliver Beckstein wrote:
tw, thanks to Cameron Mura who suggested the follwing quick fix to have 
the statistics not fail on UTF-8 characters:

   (3) include the following line in the /etc/gnump3d/gnump3d.conf file:

        stats_program = env LANG=C /usr/bin/gnump3d-top
Seems to work well enough for the time being; at least the error messages 

  Interesting.  Shouldn't this be fixed at the system level though?

  I know on my Debian box that the LANG stuff is all global, and
 exported from /etc/bash..mumble.


Cameron Mura

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