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[Gnump3d-users] Downsampling disabled for

From: Dan Martin
Subject: [Gnump3d-users] Downsampling disabled for
Date: Tue, 03 Aug 2004 21:33:48 -0500

Long time user, first time caller.  I've had gnump3d running to my
liking for quite some time.  After some upgrade downsampling stopped
working.  I am not quite sure what at which version it stopped.  I'm
running 2.8 right now.

To troubleshoot, I ran gnump3d from the command line with --debug and
watched the output.  It reported:

Downsampling disabled for:

Of course, is my router.  All requests are guaranteed to
come from this address.  But, why is downsampling disabled?  I looked
through my gnump3d.conf, but there's nothing relevant.  

I think the code causing it is this:

# Only downsample if this IP is in the right range.
     if ( &downsampleAddress( $connected_address ) )
           print "Downsampling disabled for: $connected_address\n";
   &serveFile($data, $file);

But, I still don't understand.  Why is downsampling disabled for  
How can I enable it?


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