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Re: [Gnump3d-users] Trouble streaming files ending in .m4a

From: Mark Mykkanen
Subject: Re: [Gnump3d-users] Trouble streaming files ending in .m4a
Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 07:39:14 -0700 (PDT)

I think you are on the right track.  Search for a
renaming utility on or  Depending on your distro, you may
have some renaming utilities as precompiled binaries. 
I use gentoo which has at least krename and detox for
renaming files.  Most renaming tools are scripts which
don't require compiling.

I think winamp is still capable for streaming, just
doesn't seem to have a long history of streaming .m4a
files.  BTW, you can't fool it by renaming .m4a ->
.mp3, winamp reads the headers and will get confused. 

Seems to me that your optimal solution is to convert
.m4a -> (.ogg || .mp3) and wait for technology to
catch up.

On Tue, May 24, 2005 at 06:39:04PM -0500, kracker
> True Mark,
> Ogg is a better format both in technical quality and
software freedom ;)
> I fear I have (perhaps incorrectly) chosen
convenience in the past
> over freedom :|
> My number one reason behind this choice is that I do
not know of a
> free software program which can convert my mp3 files
which have very
> wickedly ugly (and very command line / bash)
unfriendly file names
> (space, dash, etc) into an alternate format like the
Ogg format.
> While I respect and enjoy the inference behind your
query, I submit
> back to the world.
> Does one know of a free software program which i can
invoke on a
> directory with a hierarchy of directories and files
which file names
> which have characters which must normally be escaped
when manipulating
> them in a GNU/LInux System for example renaming the
file using the
> bash shell via ssh? If I only had a access to such a
program (as I am
> not entirely sure how one would build such a
program, off hand) I
> would gladly make the conversion of my entire
archive :)
> On 5/24/05, Mark Mykkanen <address@hidden>
> > I tried it out with .m4a files.  It appears to be
> > issue with the player AFAICT.  I tried it with
> >  Seems to have no problem with .ogg.  Isn't Ogg a
> > better format anyways?
> Well, I think your very right, I found the cause to
my current
> breakdowns just after my last post ...
> It seems my past personal favorite, (non-free) audio
player, Winamp
> has only just recently begun to support the most
basic of M4A audio
> streaming...
> Re: Winamp 5.04: Changelog :
> * added basic streaming (download) support for
M4A/MP4 HTTP streams
> Which seems to tell me that Winamp is still fairly
immature when it
> comes to streaming files (perhaps incorrectly
labeled with a .m4a
> extension when the content of the audio file is
really mp3)? Which
> also seems to lack the ability to con troll some of
this download
> instead of stream behavior via settings ... Suddenly
this seems
> strangely familiar to me, weird.
> //kracker
> Bush : Everything Zen
> FSF : Bradley M Kuhn : Software Freedom and the GNU

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