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[Gnump3d-users] Display (and searching) bug when treating ID3v2 with mul

From: C. Menge
Subject: [Gnump3d-users] Display (and searching) bug when treating ID3v2 with multiline comments.
Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2005 05:41:59 +0200
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| I've posted this before, but it was before my list subscription
| actually got processed, so I believe it didn't come through. Please
| excuse a possible dupe posting. I've added some new findings too.

Affected Version: GNUmp3d 2.9.4
Platform: WinXP, ActiveState Perl v5.8.7


I'm not too sure whether to post it to -users or -devel, but since I'm
more of a user with little programming skills, I chose here:

I found a bug in file handling when the mp3 file contains a multiline
comment in an ID3v2 tag.

When displaying the file, only the artists name is shown, everything
else disappears. Additionally, no title is shown in the 'Info' screen,
and only the first comment line can be seen.

If I remove the second line in the comment, everything works fine.

This results also in broken playlist entries in random playback:
Here, the *second* line of comment appears as root directory for
streaming - which obviously won't work.

An example file with which the error occurs for me can be found at

I believe the Problem is in the tag.cache file, as multiline comments
result in multiline entries for a single file. For the given file the
tag.cache-entry is (without the quotation marks, I had to use them to
avoid rewrapping by my mail client):

> F:/mp3/sortiert/Klassik/Bach/Cellosuiten/Suite Nr.1 G-Dur (BWV 1007)/01 - 
> Prelude.mp3 SIZE=1949642    LENGTH=02:28    YEAR=   ARTIST=Johann Sebastian 
> Bach    COMMENT=Pablo Casals, Cello
> Aufnahme: 1936-39     MTIME=1111050758        TRACK=01        TITLE=Prelude   
> ALBUM=Suite Nr.1 G-Dur (BWV 1007)       GENRE=  BITRATE=104     FILENAME=01 - 
> Prelude

It seems that GNUmp3d expects One file per line and gets *very* confused
by this.

It would be great if this could be fixed.


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