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Win-troubles with (was: Re: [Gnump3d-users] how to find source o

From: C. Menge
Subject: Win-troubles with (was: Re: [Gnump3d-users] how to find source of warnings)
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 01:35:12 +0200
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Steve Kemp wrote:

> | BTW: is broken too, at least for windows users. I had to
> |     hardcode the path to gnump3d-index.bat in line 122 to make it work.
> |     I'm not too perl literate, but I believe it needs an OS
>  I don't believe there is actually such a problem, unless it was
>  an old report.

Either there is an issue with gnump3d - or I'm making some mistakes.
It may well be the latter :-)

>   The code in "" reads:
>        my $size  = `$INDEXPROG --stats`;
>   Where $INDEXPROG is read from the configuration file in "bin/gnump3d2":
>   $INDEXPROG     = getConfig( "index_program", "/usr/bin/gnump3d-index" );
>  So .. if you set that appropriately in your configuration file you
>  should be all set.  Something like this?
> index_program = C:/gnump3d2/bin/gnump3d-index.bat

Yap, that's in there. I actually found that I've been using \ instead of
/ as seperator in some of the paths - it seemed to work anyway, except
some cases (e.g. the mp3 folder root) where it didn't.

So after the first try, I just believed I've been stupid, converted all
the \ to / and already started to write an apology for bugging you - but
the problem remained.

>  I actually find this already contained in the  ""
>  file - so it seems to be setup already.

Doesn't help.

>  If this isn't sufficient could you explain your problem in more detail
>  please?

Sure, sorry:

When exactly is evaluated?
Even after I've made the changes in there (and started gnump3d), the
respective values in were untouched.
I'm not sure: Is this supposed to be so?

BTW: In the file, the definition of index_program is
disabled with '#' by default, along with the comment that it should
normally stay untouched.

Waitaminute - May this be the issue...?


Uncommenting line 763 (line count from the file in the gnump3d 2.9.4 zip
package, as this file doesn't seem to be included in the CVS tree) and
setting it to the proper value does the job.

Hum, this is strange. Is actually ever used?

Anyway, thanks for initiating my problem hunting process.

If you need additional information, just quiz me until I capitulate :-)


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