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Re: [Gnump3d-users] cannot get flac to work with gnump3d

From: Craig Meyer
Subject: Re: [Gnump3d-users] cannot get flac to work with gnump3d
Date: Sun, 9 Oct 2005 11:15:42 -0400


I was able to get flac and ogg formats to work, by way of conversion into mp3.

By turning on downsampling, and then adjusting mime.types, gnump3d was converting flac and ogg into mp3 on the fly.

in mime.types:

comment out setting for ogg,

#application/x-ogg                              ogg

then extend the setting for audio/mpeg to include flac and ogg

audio/mpeg mpga mpega mp2 mp3 mp4 m4a flac ogg

in /etc/gnump3d.conf

turn on downsampling and set the default to high (in my case)

downsample_enabled = 1

default_quality = high

Then in the downsample convert commands section, add the following

# Use this to convert Ogg => MP3
downsample_high_ogg = /usr/bin/sox -t ogg $FILENAME -t wav - | /usr/local/bin/lame -b 192 -h --silent - - downsample_medium_ogg = /usr/bin/sox -t ogg $FILENAME -t wav - | / usr/local/bin/lame -b 128 -h --silent - - downsample_low_ogg = /usr/bin/sox -t ogg $FILENAME -t wav - | /usr/local/bin/lame -b 96 -h --silent - -

# Use this to convert flac => MP3
downsample_high_flac = /usr/bin/flac --silent -c -d $FILENAME | /usr/local/bin/lame -b 192 -h --silent - - downsample_medium_flac = /usr/bin/flac --silent -c -d $FILENAME | / usr/local/bin/lame -b 128 -h --silent - - downsample_low_flac = /usr/bin/flac --silent -c -d $FILENAME | /usr/local/bin/lame -b 96 -h --silent - -

Oh, and adding --silent -h to the lame command line reduces output to error.log and the (-h) improves quality

I hope this works for you,


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